non recurring compensation n.
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Non Recurring Compensation PowerPoint Presentation
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Non Recurring Compensation

Non Recurring Compensation

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Non Recurring Compensation

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  1. Non Recurring Compensation

  2. Background Non-Recurring Compensation (NRC) is established to provide a lump sum payment for services performed for a brief and finite period of time or under urgent circumstances. During the latter part of 2012, UAC Audit performed an assessment on the USF non-recurring compensation practice and process.

  3. Background (continued) The results of the assessment were not favorable. The overall conclusion was that there was an inadequate system of internal controls in place. As a result of the finding HR has re-vamped the process for non-recurring compensation.

  4. New Criteria for Non-Recurring Compensation • A letter of Engagement from the Department will initiate the process. • Duration of time worked is limited to a maximum of 14 consecutive days, including weekends. • Amount to be paid is under $500, or approval by the appropriate Vice President that is consistent with salary delegation policy.

  5. New Criteria for Non-Recurring Compensation (continued) • For new employees, the employee must be processed through Human Resources prior to the commencement of the assignment except in urgent circumstances. To comply with federal law, an employee must be processed as a new hire no later than forty-eight (48) hours after the start of employment. • Non-Recurring payment requests must include the actual hours worked for all temporary employees. Hour tracking is required by the State of Florida. Hours are reported to the State for compliance with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

  6. New Criteria for Non-Recurring Compensation (continued) • Non-recurring compensation requests will be reviewed in order to ensure the non-recurring compensation criteria has been met. Requests may also be subject to review by HR Classification and Compensation Department. Departments may be required to provide additional information or in some cases be advised that the person needs to have an appointment. • The Pay Request for Non-recurring Compensation will conclude the process.

  7. Communication of the New Non-Recurring Compensation Process • The process will be posted on the HR website. • Thoughts?

  8. Submission of the Letters of Engagement and the Non-Recurring Compensation Pay Requests • Tampa Campus forms should be sent to the HR Employment Center. • Regional Campus forms should be sent the affiliated Human Resources Department.