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Welcome to MITGaard!

Welcome to MITGaard!. Frequently Asked Questions.

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Welcome to MITGaard!

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  1. Welcome to MITGaard! Frequently Asked Questions We are a historical social group, which recreates the arts and skills of pre-seventeenth century European culture. Members become very skilled in their areas of interest, but you do not need to know a lot about the Middle Ages to join. Learn by doing! We are participation oriented, preferring to act out the best of the Middle Ages and early Renaissance for the enjoyment of ourselves, not generally for observers. Some would argue that the real heart of MITGaard can only be found at our events. Others would argue that the guild activities are their real passion. Q What is MITGaard? A The MIT branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), a medieval reconstruction organization Q Do you speak like Shakespeare? A No, but you can try. Q Are you acting? A Some of us do act in a medieval fashion, but not everyone is “in persona” Q Does it cost anything to participate? A Most practices and meetings are free. Events cost $8-$15. Membership dues are voluntary. In our society, you will see a number of different medieval activities being re-enacted: fencing, fighting, dancing, sewing, leatherwork, woodwork, metal work, thrown weapons, singing, music, and many more. Whether you choose to participate in just one activity or as many as you want, there are always people willing to help you learn and re-create your interest. Anyone wishing to join is welcome. Members select a medieval name, and some find it more fun to assume a persona. A persona can be as simple as a name and a date and place to be from, or can be so rich and well-developed that you know every aspect of what this medieval person's life would have been like. Court: A formal gathering of people, presided over by the Baron and Baroness or King and Queen. Event: A large medieval weekend activity, usually with a theme or purpose. Feast: A medieval dinner held at an event. Garb: Medieval clothing. Guild: A group of people with a common interest. Heraldry:Medieval coats-of-arms and announcing. Hold: Stop Immediately. Oyez (Oy-yay):a call for quiet before announcement. Persona: The person whom you would like to be, had you been born in the Middle Ages. Many of our guilds meet weeklyat MIT, and everyone is welcome. Renaissance dancing and instruction is on Wed. from 7:30 to 9:30 pm in 31-161, and the first and third Thursdays in the same location. In the summers, fencing & fighting is on Sun., 1 to 4 pm at Kresge (W16). Calligraphy and Illumination are also occasionally at MIT. How do I get started! Join us at our meeting on Wednesdays in W20-303 (PDR3), from 6:30pm to 7:30 pm where we will make chainmail, and look through pictures of events. For any questions, ask: President of MITGaard: Ulrick of York- jgoorley@mit.edu or Magistra Carolingia (help for newcomers): Lady Godith Anyon, (617) 776-6777 or magistra@carolingia.org web.mit.edu/sca/www

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