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任务一自主学习. tall …. Outgoing …. 自主思考,想出描述人物 外貌 和 性格 的英语词汇, 并列出清单 ( 1a ). 任务完成后请举手示意. 合作展示. 小组充分合作后进行展示. 任务二组间 PK. Fill in the chart with words to describe people. angry. beautiful. careful. black. happy. dirty. hungry. hard-working. sad. strange. tired.

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  1. 任务一自主学习 tall … Outgoing … 自主思考,想出描述人物 外貌和性格的英语词汇, 并列出清单 (1a) 任务完成后请举手示意

  2. 合作展示 小组充分合作后进行展示

  3. 任务二组间PK Fill in the chart with words to describe people. angry beautiful careful black happy dirty hungry hard-working sad strange tired noisy

  4. 学习目标 • 1. 掌握下列重要词汇: used to wear contact lenses have short hair be quiet wait a minute on the swim team • 2. 学会重要新句型: I used to be really quiet. You used to be short ,didn’t you? You used to have long hair.

  5. 任务三小组讨论 Past Now 对比讨论 描述人物 She used to have long hair. But now she has short hair.

  6. Past Now He used to be thin. But now he is a little heavy .

  7. 任务四应用1a中的词汇小组交流展示(谈论各自以前和现在的不同)任务四应用1a中的词汇小组交流展示(谈论各自以前和现在的不同) • be. • I used to have. • wear. • But now I…

  8. 1b Listen. Bob is seeing some friends for the first time in four years. What did his friends use to look like? 流程及 要求:3 分钟 学生听材料, 独立完成,然 后小组检 查 short • Mario used to be . • He used to wear . • 2. Amy used to be . • She used to have . • 3. Tina used to have • and hair. glasses tall short hair red curly 任务五

  9. 任务六 2a Listen and check (√) the words you hear. √ √ √ 流程及 要求:3 分钟 学生听材料, 独立完成,然 后小组检 查

  10. 任务七 Listen again. Fill in the blanks with the words you hear. 流程及要求:3 分钟学生听材料,独立完成,然 后小组检查 Paula: Hey, Steve! Over here! Don’t you remember me? Steve: Oh, wow! You’re Paula, aren’t you? Paula: That’s right. Steve: But you used to be really , didn’t you? Paula: Yeah. I wasn’t very . Steve: No, you weren’t. But you were always . Wait a minute! Did you use to play the piano? Paula: Yes, I did. But now I’m more interested in . I play soccer and I’m on the swim team. Steve: Wow! People sure change. quiet outgoing friendly sports

  11. Unit 2 I used to be afraid of the dark. Section A Period 1 ( 1a— 2c )

  12. 巩固评价 Ⅰ. 单项选择 1. ---How do you often go to school? ---I _______ walk but I take a bus now. A. am used to B. used to C. use to D. am used 2. Tina doesn’t like going out. She’s very _______. A. funny B. active C. quiet D. outgoing

  13. 3. --- Don’t you like playing basketball? --- _______ . I like playing soccer. A. Yes,I do B. No,I don’t C. Yes,I don’t D. No,I do 4. She used to _______ few friends, but now she has many friends. A. be B. having C. has D. have 5. He is _______ in playing the guitar because he finds it _______. A. interesting;interesting B. interesting;interested C. interested; interesting D. interested;interested

  14. 巩固提升 • 高效课堂: • P14,Ex 1 1.Mario used to be short. 2.She used to have curly hair. 3.Amy didn’t use to be quiet.. 4.Did you use to play the piano? 5.People sure change.

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