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Falls Toolkit

Falls Toolkit

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Falls Toolkit

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  1. Falls Toolkit JEOPARDY Version 1

  2. HOW TO PLAY FALLS TOOLKIT JEOPARDY • Click on the numbers under each category to see the question • After reading the question, click your mouse button to see the answer • Click on the words in the arrow to go back to the Jeopardy Question Board and select another question Click your mouse to continue

  3. Background Note-book Website Videos Media Box 100 100 100 100 100 200 200 200 200 200 300 300 300 300 300 400 400 400 400 400 500 500 500 500 500 600 600 600 600 600 700 700 700 700 700 800 800 800 800 800 900 900 900 900 900 1000 1000 1000 1000 1000

  4. Background for 100 The most common adverse event in the VHA, and can lead to fractures, traumatic brain injuries and premature death. What is a Fall? QUESTION BOARD

  5. Background for 200 The leading cause of death due to injury for those 65 years of age and older. What is a Fall? QUESTION BOARD

  6. Background for 300 DOUBLE JEOPARDY $33,000 What is the average cost of a fall in the VA? QUESTION BOARD

  7. Background for 400 Intrinsic and Extrinsic Factors What are the two categories of risk factors for falls? QUESTION BOARD

  8. Background for 500 Fall risk factors that are related to a person’s physiological condition. QUESTION BOARD What are intrinsic factors?

  9. Background for 600 Fall risk factors that are related to the physical environment. QUESTION BOARD What are extrinsic factors?

  10. Background for 700 Fall risk factors that can be addressed before the patient falls. What are anticipated fall risk factors? QUESTION BOARD

  11. Background for 800 Fall risk factors that cannot necessarily be addressed before a patient falls. QUESTION BOARD What are unanticipated fall risk factors.

  12. Background for 900 JCAHO limits these to “emergencies in which there is an imminent risk of a patient physically harming himself or herself, staff, or others, and nonphysical interventions would not be effective.” Therefore these are not appropriate measures for fall prevention. What are restraints? QUESTION BOARD

  13. Background for 1000 A fracture of the Femur near the Greater Trochanter. What is a hip fracture? QUESTION BOARD

  14. Notebook for 100 This part of the falls toolkit contains the bulk of the information on developing and measuring the success of a falls prevention program What is the Falls Toolkit Notebook? QUESTION BOARD

  15. Notebook for 200 This section of the notebook explains how to use the toolkit and provides ideas on educational packets for staff. What is the Instructions section? QUESTION BOARD

  16. Notebook for 300 Contains information on implementing an interdisciplinary falls team. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Team section?

  17. Notebook for 400 Contains information on developing a falls prevention policy and an example policy. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Policy section?

  18. Notebook for 500 Ideas on creating a safe environment, preventing injury to patients and individualizing prevention strategies are provided in this section. QUESTION BOARD What is the Interventions section?

  19. Notebook for 600 Provides tools for showing a reduction in falls and fall related injury. What is the Measuring Success section? QUESTION BOARD

  20. Notebook for 700 Contains an annotated bibliography and quick facts of articles relating to falls and injury prevention. The articles are arranged by topic. What is the Resources section? QUESTION BOARD

  21. Notebook for 800 Provides supplemental materials for each of the videos in the toolkit. What are the Video sections? QUESTION BOARD

  22. Notebook for 900 The high fall-risk room set up is explained in this section. QUESTION BOARD What is the Interventions section?

  23. Notebook for 1000 To find information on calculating fall rates and developing graphs to show improvement look in this section. What is the Measuring Success section? QUESTION BOARD

  24. Media Box for 100 This part of the Falls Toolkit contains sample posters, buttons and educational videos. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Toolkit Media Box?

  25. Media Box for 200 There are 5 examples of each design in the media box. They are for identifying fall resources on units or shifts. QUESTION BOARD What are the buttons?

  26. Media Box for 300 This flier, in the media box, provides patients with information on the risk of falls. What is the flier “Are you or a loved one at risk for falls?” QUESTION BOARD

  27. Media Box for 400 There is one of these, which contains 3 vignettes. QUESTION BOARD What is the video tape?

  28. Media Box for 500 Each vignette is on its own one of these. QUESTION BOARD What is a Video CD or VCD?

  29. Media Box for 600 There are two of these for patient education. One is about hip protectors, the other is on conducting a home environmental assessment. QUESTION BOARD What are the pamphlets?

  30. Media Box for 700 This will raise awareness among staff about the key elements to prevent patient falls and fall related injuries. What is the “Preventing Falls and Fall Related Injuries” poster? QUESTION BOARD

  31. Media Box for 800 This test for fall risk is explained in a flier for primary care providers. QUESTION BOARD What is the Timed Up & Go Test ?

  32. Media Box for 900 This cognitive aid for nurses performing the Morse Fall Risk Assessment is located in the media box. What is the Morse Fall Risk Assessment Pocket Card? QUESTION BOARD

  33. Media Box for 1000 This has electronic versions of everything in the media box. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Toolkit CD-ROM or Website?

  34. Website for 100 It is found on Or Where is the Falls Toolkit website? QUESTION BOARD

  35. Website for 200 The CD-ROM found in the toolkit contains the initial version. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Toolkit website?

  36. Website for 300 Home, Getting Started, Falls Notebook, Media Tools, Resources and Contact Us What are the six main pages of the Falls Toolkit website? QUESTION BOARD

  37. Website for 400 This section of the website contains electronic versions of everything in the Falls Toolkit Notebook. QUESTION BOARD What is the Falls Notebook section?

  38. Website for 500 This section contains information that is not printed in the notebook. QUESTION BOARD What is the Resources Section?

  39. Website for 600 This page contains tools for calculating fall rates, educating patients and staff and fall related websites. What is the Resources page? QUESTION BOARD

  40. Website for 700 Spread documents from the NCPS Falls Collaborative are located on this page. QUESTION BOARD What is the Resources page?

  41. Website for 800 This will occur annually. QUESTION BOARD How often will the website be updated?

  42. Website for 900 This guide provides resources for educating patients and staff on falls prevention. What is the Educational Resource Guide? QUESTION BOARD

  43. Website for 1000 Email addresses for specific staff at NCPS and the main phone number for NCPS. What is on the Contact Us page? QUESTION BOARD

  44. Videos for 100 “Performing a Balance Assessment” “Hip Protectors in an Inpatient Setting” “Protecting Your Hips with Hip Protectors” What are the three videos included in the Falls Toolkit? QUESTION BOARD

  45. Videos for 200 This video is designed specifically for educating patients. QUESTION BOARD What is “Protecting Your Hips with Hip Protectors”?

  46. Videos for 300 This video is for educating nursing staff on the use of hip protectors as part of a fall prevention program. What is “Hip Protectors in an Inpatient Setting”? QUESTION BOARD

  47. Videos for 400 This video is designed for Rehabilitation Therapists ONLY. What is “Performing a Balance Assessment”? QUESTION BOARD

  48. Videos for 500 The Falls Toolkit Media Box QUESTION BOARD Where are the videos located?

  49. Videos for 600 Video CD and VHS QUESTION BOARD What format are the videos in?

  50. Videos for 700 DOUBLE JEOPARDY There is a dangerous maneuver that should only be performed by a rehabilitation therapist. QUESTION BOARD Why is the “Performing a Balance Assessment” video for Rehabilitation Therapists ONLY?