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A drop of water PowerPoint Presentation
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A drop of water

A drop of water

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A drop of water

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  1. A drop of water Alarming Fact There is a global water crisis happening right now, a crisis where one in eight people in the world today do not have access to safe water. Many women and children in rural areas in India spend hours each day walking kilometers to collect water from unprotected sources such as open wells or streams.  In urban areas they collect it from polluted waterways or pay high prices to buy it from vendors who obtain it from dubious sources. The water is often dirty and unsafe, but they have no alternative. It is essential that businesses, organizations and governments work together and take action on this crisis…

  2. …So this highlights the significance of the water. The above fact must be kept in mind while using water in any way… In such water crisis in this summer season here at“Indian Steel Corporation” as a corporate social responsibility we have placed “Jal Mandir” (free drinking water serving kiosks) on various places of Gujarat & Rajasthan which will really help to quench the thirst of wayfarers…

  3. Corporate Social Responsibility… "Jal Mandir" Initiated by: INDIAN STEEL CORPORATION…

  4. Jai Ambe Tradin Co., Bandhni Chowki Jai Ambe Tradin Co., A’bad

  5. Nowsil Enterprises, Visnagar Nchiket Steel, Dessa

  6. Divyang Enterprises, Malgaon Ambivijay Steel, A’bad

  7. Jai Hind Steel, Sarkhej Maruti Steel, Sarkhej

  8. Shri Trading Co., Kalol

  9. Jaina Steel Corporation, Jaipur

  10. Moh. Yusuf Moh. Rizwan, Nagour Hariyana Steel, Jaipur

  11. Shivam Ispat, Jaipur J. D. Steel, Jaipur

  12. Many More such kiosks have been placed in Gujarat & Rajasthan… Thank You