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The UK Travel and Tourism Industry

The UK Travel and Tourism Industry. EXAM. Learning Aims and Content (A). What is tourism?.

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The UK Travel and Tourism Industry

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  1. The UK Travel and Tourism Industry EXAM

  2. Learning Aims and Content (A)

  3. What is tourism? Tourism: the activities of people travelling to and staying in places outside their usual environment for less than a year for leisure, business and/or other purposes. This usually means staying somewhere over night and visitors who just go for a day trip.

  4. What kind of tourism is each of these?Answer Domestic, Outbound or Inbound • The Collins family are travelling from their home in Birmingham to Austria for a skiing holiday • Christopher is Polish and he lives in Portsmouth. He is going on a day trip to London • Sergio is from Moscow. He is going to visit his brother in the UK.

  5. What does VFR stand for? • Visits from relatives • Visiting for recreation • Visiting friends and relatives

  6. There are many types of Business Travel. Meetings and conferences are two name one other.

  7. Study the following photos. In each case state what type of visitor attraction is being shown. Choose from natural attraction, purpose built, heritage, arts and entertainment

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  13. Complete the following definition for sustainable tourism Sustainable tourism meets the needs of tourists and communities, whilst protecting the natural,and cultural environment for the. Choose from Past indigenous human future poor historical religiouslocal environment

  14. Name 5 of the National Parks numbered below Choose from Dartmoor, Pembrokeshire coast, Exmoor, Northumberland , Brecon Beacons, Norfolk Broads, The New Forest, The South Downs, Peak District, Lake District, Snowdonia, North York Moors, Yorkshire Dales,

  15. One reason why tourism organisations develop sustainable tourism is to improve their image. Explain 2 more reasons

  16. What does GDP mean? • The total value of all the goods and services of a country over one year • The total value of travel and tourism of a country over one year • The total amount that all inbound tourists spend in a country in one year

  17. Learning Aims and Content (B)

  18. Visitor Attractions An attraction where it is feasible to charge admission for the sole purpose of sightseeing. The attraction must be a permentantly established excursion destination.

  19. Tourist attractions increase their appeal and make extra money by offering secondary products and services. Choose one of the previous tourist attractions and describe at least two secondary products and services

  20. State 2 advantages and 2 disadvantages of travelling by rail

  21. Study the following photos. In each case state what type of visitor accommodation is being shown. In each case state whether the accommodation serviced or non serviced

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  24. C • Favourite Toy

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  26. Which of the following is an example of a public sector organisation? • A Tour operator • A Charity that preserves historic houses • A national tourist board • A large airline

  27. Which trade and professional bodies do the following descriptions belong to. Choose from ABTA, CAA, UK Inbound

  28. This organisation ensures that UK airlines and airports comply with regulations

  29. This organisation represents travel agents and provides a code of conduct for their operation

  30. This represents tour operators who organise trips and holidays for tourists visiting from abroad

  31. What is the difference between vertical and horizontal integration? (you could draw a quick diagram!)

  32. Name two technological developments that have improved the visitor attraction experience in historic houses

  33. Learning Aims and Content (C)

  34. Technology is increasing… …in all areas of our live and has had a huge impact on travel. We are going to look at some examples of how it is used in different areas of the travel and tourism industry.

  35. Consumer Technology: Areas of the travel and tourism industry • Airports • Self-service check in • Security • Visitor Attractions • Accommodation • Online bookings • Entertainment and Communications • Mobile Applications • E-ticketing • Websites

  36. Name two technological developments that have improved the visitor attraction experience in historic houses

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