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  1. INTRODUCTION The recommended biofertilizer for banana are Azospirillum /Azotobacter in combination with PSB. However, mycorrhizal inoculation also gives additional benefit for mobilizing nutrients. Biofertilizers are applied as sucker dip method as well as soil treatment.


  3. SUCKER TREATMENT This method is recommended generally for treating the sets of sugarcane, cut pieces of potato and the base of banana suckers BANANA SUCKER Mix 1 kg each of nitrogen and phosphatic biofertilizer packets in 40 - 50 litres of water. Immerse banana suckers required for one acre in the suspension for 30 minutes. Dry under shade for some time before planting. Irrigate the field within 24 hours.

  4. SOIL TREATMENT Mix 2 –3 kg each of the Azospirillum /Azotobacter and PSB culture packets with 100 kg of well decomposed cattle manure/ compost for one acre of land and Sprinkle water to the mixer Keep the mixer overnight for curing Broadcast into soil at the time of planting or at the time of irrigation For long duration crop 20-30 packets of biofertilizer (200g) are mixed with 80-120 kg. Cattle manure or soil for one acre land

  5. Mycorrhizal Application in Banana Apply mycorrhizal culture in the mango nursery @ 100 gm per sq.m. three centimeter below the soil For out planting, apply 20 gm mycorrhizal culture per seedling into the planting pit and cover with soil For existing plant, apply mycorrhizal culture @ 200 gm near the root zone along with other fertilizers

  6. LET US SUM UP • Azospirillum / Azotobacter in combination with PSB is the recommended biofertilizers for banana. • Mycorrhizal inoculation also gives additional benefit for mobilizing nutrients. • contd….

  7. contd…. • Broadly sucker dip method and soil treatment methods are widely used for biofertilization of banana.

  8. ASSESSMENT Q. Tick the correct word : i)Azospirillum / Captan is the recommended biofertilizer for banana. ii) The mycorrhiza can helps in nutrient mobilization / nutrient solubulisation in banana. iii) Sucker dip method / sucker cut method is applied to inoculate banana suckers. iv) Mycorrhizalbiofertilizer should be applied in case of nursery application @ 100 gm / m­2 3 cm below soil / above soil.

  9. ASSESSMENT Model Answers : i) Azospirillum ii) Nutrient mobilization iii) Sucker dip method iv) Below soil

  10. REFERENCES i) Advances in Microbiology – N. S. Subba Rao ii) Biofertilizers in Agriculture – N. S. Subba Rao iii) Bio-fertilizer and Organic Farming – NIIR Board iv) Biofertilizers (Potentialities and Problems) - S. P. Sen and P. Palit