review and audits course software quality assurance and testing se 471 n.
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Review and Audits Course: Software Quality Assurance and Testing SE 471 PowerPoint Presentation
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Review and Audits Course: Software Quality Assurance and Testing SE 471

Review and Audits Course: Software Quality Assurance and Testing SE 471

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Review and Audits Course: Software Quality Assurance and Testing SE 471

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  1. Review and AuditsCourse: Software Quality Assurance and Testing SE 471 By WaqarHussaian International Islamic university Islamabad

  2. SQA Audits & Reviews

  3. SQA Audits Purpose the purpose of this process is a systematic and independent examination of various activities intended to ensure compliance with the processes defined in the organization.

  4. SQA Audits • Entry Criteria • Audit is scheduled in the SQA Plan and follows one of the following plans • Standard Audit Plan is to have an audit for a large project quarterly, for smaller projects monthly and for maintenance projects quarterly. • If the SQA Plan shows that it will be event driven then that event has been triggered • Inputs • Audit Checklist • Process Guides

  5. SQAAudits • Audits are scheduled. • An area to focus on in the audit is selected • Auditors are selected from amongst the SQA team • An Audit Plan is prepared • The Audit Plan is reviewed by the auditors • An Audit Reminderis sent to the Project Manager a day before the audit begins • Defined processes are checked whether they are being followed or not. • results of the interviews and evidence of artifacts of the process in the project are reviewed. • An Audit Reportis prepared by the auditors. • Audit Report is distributed amongst the Project Manager and other affected groups

  6. SQA Audits • Typical Audit Flow 1AuditPlanning 2AuditPerformance 3AuditReporting 4AuditFollow-up Courtesy: PIQC-IQA Training Presentation

  7. SQAAudits • Exit Criteria • The Audit Report, including any noncompliance issues (NCR), is sent to the SQA Manager. • Outputs • Audit report • Noncompliance Issues (If any) • Corrective Actions (if any) • Quality Trends

  8. SQA Reviews

  9. SQA Reviews Purpose The purpose of this process is to verify the compliance of work-products with the established standards.

  10. SQAReviews • Entry Criteria • Planning process is implemented • The review has been scheduled in the review plan and the review document has reached the level of completion required to conduct this review • Inputs • Review Documents • SQA Plan (will include one or more of the following plans as per project requirements) • Audit Plan • Review Plan • Training Plan • SDP (Software Development Plan) • SCM Plan • PEMC Plan • Design • Code • Test Plan • Software related work products e.g. RS, FS, Plans etc. • Test Cases • User Documentation

  11. SQA Reviews

  12. SQAReviews

  13. SQAReviews • Exit Criteria • Review is completed according to a Plan and Review report is published along with a valid status for the item reviewed. • Outputs • Review Report • Updated RSSR • NCR (if any) • Corrective Action (if any) • Checklist (filled)

  14. Issue Resolution

  15. Issue Resolution Purpose The purpose of Issue Resolution process is to resolve or escalate unresolved non-conformances/deviations. These non-conformances/deviations are identified and confronted while performing the SQA activities.

  16. Issue Resolution • Entry Criteria • A noncompliance issue is raised, after the conduction of a process audit or technical review. • Inputs • Audit Report • Review Report

  17. Issue Resolution

  18. IssueResolution • Exit Criteria • An NCR is declared “closed”, by the QA team and its results recorded and emailed to the senior management. • Outputs • NCR Log Updated with corrective action • Audit Report

  19. Quality Assurance Library System (QALS) The Quality Assurance Library System (QALS) stores audit schedules, checklists and questionnaires used during audits, audit reports, SQAP and Review Reports. It also stores the Noncompliance Reports (NCRs),

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