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Organizational Fund Requests OFR Process – SPRING 2014 PowerPoint Presentation
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Organizational Fund Requests OFR Process – SPRING 2014

Organizational Fund Requests OFR Process – SPRING 2014

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Organizational Fund Requests OFR Process – SPRING 2014

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  1. Jillian Chavis Treasurer

    Organizational Fund RequestsOFR Process – SPRING 2014

  2. IMPORTANT DATES 2/3 OR 2/4– Mandatory funding information sessions MON. 2/10– FUNDING DEADLINE – Email AND submit paper copy to SMC Campus Center Suite 302, Room 319 (Ms. Rice) WED. 2/12 – Funding presentation – ALL groups seeking funding must have representative Email me if no one from your organization can attend and I will speak on your behalf
  3. IMPORTANT DATES WED. 2/19– Voting 14 CALENDAR DAYS AFTER YOUR EVENT - Post-event documentation due Penalties are assessed on a rolling basis You will be notified immediately if your organization faces a penalty APPEALS due within 7 CALENDAR DAYSof notification of the decision
  5. Overview Supported vs. non-supported groups USGA Budget – Available $ for OFRs Processes – Supported and non-supported Principles Penalties Appeals Important dates
  6. USGA Budget Student fees ($10 per student) - Operations budget - Programming budget ---------------------------------- Organizational Fund Requests Budget Allocated between supported and non-supported groups
  7. Supported vs. Non-supported Supported groups have earned their status by meeting USGA requirements and being approved by a majority Senate vote To learn about the process to become a supported group, see
  8. Process to become supported The Constitution, a list of officers and representatives, and meeting times and locations must be filed with the USGA at least seven day's prior to the Executive Board meeting at which it will be discussed Recognition of the new organization will be discussed at the next applicable USGA Executive Board meeting The Executive Board will then make a recommendation to the Senate if the organization has met the criteria outlined The Senate will then vote, in closed session, on whether the organizationhas met the criteria outlined. Passage requires a majority vote The organization will be notified in writing of the outcome of the application within two (2) weeks after the vote of the USGA Senate
  9. Supported funding process No separate winter or summer requests Funds budgeted annually and distributed biannually (fall/winter and spring/summer) Based on group need and past requests Amounts subject to adjustment (up or down) by majority Senate vote Supported groups must budget their funds appropriately to last for the fall/winter and spring/summer terms
  10. Supported funding process MUST SUBMIT OFR! Funds will only be allocated if the group demonstrates need (through its OFR) No formal presentation required at funding meetings BUT representative is required to attend presentation and voting meetings to answer questions Must present at the end of each semester to report how USGA funds were used – Replaces post-event documentation
  11. Supported documents required OFR by 2/10 Please include most recent bank statement for your group’s account with OFR NO post-event funding documentation Brief summary of how USGA funds were spent MUST submit summary and most recent bank statement by END OF SEMESTER
  12. Non-supported process Submit OFR for EACH EVENT for which you are seeking USGA funds BY 2/10 Please review OFR packet – USGA has strict funding guidelines Horror story Attend presentation meeting 2/12to present and answer questions about OFR Appropriations Committee meeting/Treasurer suggestions Attend voting meeting 2/19
  13. Non-supported process Notification – You will be notified with the USGA’s official funding decision Post-event documentation – Submit within 14 DAYS Treasurer reviews documentation – If documentation complies with funding guidelines, treasurer will notify group and reimbursement should be readily available Penalties/Appeals- APPEALS due within 7 CALENDAR DAYSof notification of the decision
  14. Funding Decision Factors - Principles Will this event benefit all UMB students? What is necessary for this event to occur? Will this event occur without USGA funding? Is this something your constituency would want to spend their money towards? Charity vs. Social Events
  15. Penalties 10% failure to all submit post-event paperwork on time failure to submit any and all paperwork in a complete manner failure to submit both hard and electronic copies of OFRs failure to attend mandatory treasurer’s orientation failure to attend proposal meeting failure to attend voting meeting failure to advertise in more than one USGA News issue prior to the event failure to advertise beyond USGA News 50% submitting an OFR request within 24 hours after the listed deadline in Rule E– 9/17 failure to apply to all students at the University of Maryland, Baltimore, event must be attended by students of at least three UMB schools failure to advertise in USGA News prior to the event recklessly misrepresenting to USGA any numbers on any paperwork failure to request funding from at least one UMB institution other than the USGA (USGA supported organizations are exempt from this rule)
  16. Penalties 100% submitting an OFR request more than 24 hours after the listed deadline in Rule E failure to meet any and all advertisement requirements prior to the event failure to identify USGA as a sponsor on all advertisements willful misrepresentation on any paperwork has implied or stated that any view, opinion, or position is supported by the USGA failure to pick up disbursement of funds within 30 days (or the end of the school year, whichever occurs first) of being informed by the treasurer that a check is ready for pick up Any criminal misuse of USGA funds or any use of funds for purposes other than approved by the USGA may also be subject to a ban from USGA for receiving funds as well as subject to actions taken by the School and State authorities, Failure to comply with funding restrictions listed in Rule I **NOTE – PENALTIES CAN BE REDUCED BY USGA E-BOARD**
  17. Appeals An organization must submit a written appeal to the treasurer within 7 calendar days of decision, penalty, or funding allocation The appeals process is described in the funding packet and USGA constitution Appeal goes to Appropriations Committee and executive board for discussion The decision can be to reduce, increase, maintain or eliminate penalty/funding Cannot increase funding beyond original request amount of organization
  18. USGA NEWS USGA must be identified as a co-sponsor on any/all advertisements Your announcement of your event must be submitted for a MINIMUM OF 2 USGA news publications prior to event Logistics – USGA News goes out weekly on Sunday nights Announcements due the Friday prior by 5pm Quick-link on USGA homepage -
  19. QUESTIONS? Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns – I AM HERE TO HELP! I cannot work with you or help you if you do not make me aware of your needs/situation That said, PLEASE thoroughly review the funding packet to see if it answers your question The signed statement of understanding states “I have asked any questions and clarified any doubts with the USGA treasurer prior to my submission.”
  20. Contact Information Jillian Chavis Funding information -