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Where are we? PowerPoint Presentation
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Where are we?

Where are we?

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Where are we?

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  1. St. James the Less Strategic Planning Committee May 2014 Where are we? Where can we go?

  2. Today’s Discussion 1 3 2 Objectives for today Where are we now? What’s next? Where are we? Where can we go?

  3. 1 Objectives for Today Where are we? Where can we go?

  4. ObjectivesFor Today Gain a common understanding of… What we do How we do it What works well Where we need help

  5. ObjectivesFor Today Share what happens after today… How will we define our future vision and long range plan?

  6. ObjectivesFor Today What we are we asking you to do today? Listen with an open mind and heart Share your thoughts and ideas Strive for common understanding

  7. 2 Where are we now? Where are we? Where can we go?

  8. Where are we now? Before we start, where did we get this information? Identify common themes As of December 2013

  9. St. James the Less Episcopal Church What we found…

  10. St. James the Less Episcopal Church We are a vibrant and healthy parish…

  11. St. James the Less Episcopal Church With a heavy focus on Outreach…

  12. St. James the Less Episcopal Church Yet, we have our challenges…

  13. Where are we now? Awareness While most parishioners know about certain aspects of our parish, few understand a comprehensive view of our activities, financials and connection with the Diocese All parishioners would benefit from an education on comprehensive view of SJTL activities

  14. Where are we now? Administration While the value of most activities seems intuitive, we lack a consistent framework to evaluate existing and new programs to ensure we are achieving our mission and maximizing ‘return on investment’ utilizing scarce parish resources (defined as a people, property and financial) We need a set of guiding values and principles to advise decision making and a clear vision and measurable definition of success for our parish To achieve our vision, we need more formal administration of the parish

  15. Where are we now? Resources – People Volunteerism is a cornerstone of our parish, yet there is a lack of diversity in our volunteer base and no formal succession planning for several key leadership positions

  16. Where are we now? Resources – Financial As evidenced by recent cutbacks, there is an insufficient annual budget for needed programs, staffing and long-term building maintenance

  17. Where are we now? Resources – Space Discussions around best use of space immediately leads to larger questions regarding the long-term intentions of the parish. Growth plans may suggest desires to expand impacts of programs and therefore will require more resources. Limited growth suggests doing existing things better and/or more consistently which relies less on expanded space.

  18. 3 What comes next? Where are we? Where can we go?

  19. What’s Next? With your input and common understanding… The Strategic Planning Committee will propose long-term objectives for your consideration when you return from summer vacation…

  20. ? Questions? Where are we? Where can we go?