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Online Chinese Tutor

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Online Chinese Tutor

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  1. (one) A: Hello! B: Hello! (two) A: How are you? B: I’m very fine. How to greet in Chinese 你 好! Nǐhǎo!

  2. Can you find the fault? 您好!Nínhǎo! Age:8 Age:80 你好!Nǐhǎo!

  3. Read and match nǐ 吗 plural form of nǐ hǎo 他 very ma 你们 good, well, fine hěn 很 you tā 您 modal particle nín 好 polite form of nǐ nǐmen 你 he、she、it wǒ 我 I (me)

  4. Tones • There are four tones in Chinese: ā á ǎ à

  5. Character 山 shān 木mù

  6. Font Style 日 rì sun 山 shān hill 水 shuǐ water river 人 rén person human 木 mù tree wood

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