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Eva Perón

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Eva Perón

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  1. Eva Perón By: JoaquínMargaria

  2. Birth and Early Life • Eva Perón was born on May 7, 1919 at Los Toldos, Argentina. • She was the youngest of five children and was born to Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguran. • Her father died when she was young and the family moved to a larger town where her mother ran a boarding house. •

  3. Juan Duarte and Juana Ibarguaran Junin is where Eva’s family moved after the death of her father. Arial view of Junin. Los Toldos, Argentina is where Eva was born.

  4. Teenage and Early Adulthood • After just two years of high school, she dropped out and went to Buenos Aires to try to make her dream of an actress come true. • She didn’t have much training in the theatre, so she got very few small parts in motion pictures and on the radio. • She finally go a part on one of the largest radio stations in Buenos Aires making 150 pesos a month which increased to five thousand pesos a month in 1943. In 1944 her pay check was up to 35,000 pesos a month.

  5. Eva Peron as a young adult.

  6. Career as an Actress • When she first arrived in Buenos Aires, she struggled because of lack of education and connections in the highly populated city. • On March 28 1935, she had her proffessional debut in the play “The Perezes Misses”. •ón

  7. Eva Peron as an actress.

  8. Career on the Radio • In 1942, Eva was hired by a radio company for a role on one of their radio dramas. • Later on that year she signed a five-year contract with Radio Belgrano. • She played in one of their historical drama programs called Great Women of History. • She eventually came to co-own the company. •ón

  9. Eva Peron on the radio.

  10. Early Career in Politics • When an earthquake hit Argentina and killed 6,000 people, Juan Peron set up an artistic festival to raise money. • At this festival, Eva met Juan and they started living together. • During this time Eva was introduced to politics and would sit through some of Juan’s meetings. •ón

  11. Eva and Juan Peron

  12. Juan Peron’s Arrest • When one of Argentina’s presidents resigned, one of Juan Peron’s friends stepped in. • At this time he was the most powerful person in the government. • He was arrested by other people in the government because they thought that he was going to become more popular than the president. •ón

  13. Juan Peron’s release outside the court house.

  14. Time as First Lady of Argentina • Eva Peron helped Juan win the presidency and while she was first lady she built a foundation that would build many new schools and hospitals in Argentina. • During this time she also helped the poor people of Argentina to be more respected in the country. • During her time as first lady she did everything she could for the poor. •

  15. Eva Peron speaking about her foundation.

  16. Later Years • She was very active during her husbands four-year term to help the poor and step on the toes of the rich. • She was diagnosed with cancer in 1950.

  17. Eva and Juan Peron during their for year term.

  18. Death in 1951 • Just a year after being diagnosed with cancer, she died. • She was loved by many Argentineans and was one of the most powerful women ever. •