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Benefits of Alkarich Technology-Bluebird Pure PowerPoint Presentation
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Benefits of Alkarich Technology-Bluebird Pure

Benefits of Alkarich Technology-Bluebird Pure

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Benefits of Alkarich Technology-Bluebird Pure

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  1. BENEFITS OF ALKARICH TECHNOLOGY: BLUEBIRD PURE Pure water forms one of the scarcest elements on Earth and the increasing level of pollution have made the earth water unhealthy and unsafe for drinking purpose. It has become more of a source of diseases than energy and that’s why new and new technologies are being launches in market every day. At moment we are talking about Alkarich technology, one of the latest innovations of water purification industry. It provides filer water you can count on. Alkarich water purifiers provide you with: Pure water to drink Mineralized and Alkaline drinking water Reduction of Chlorine and Chloramines Elimination of unwanted taste and odor Reduction in level of heavy metals Reduction of bacterial, pesticides and organic chemicals Eliminates pharmaceuticals and hormones Pitcher perfect filtration The alkarich Ionized water filters provide the users with alkaline water benefits. It acts as an ionizer for the taps water and helps to transfer it into mineral rich, health promoting water which is non acidic in pH and also has antioxidant properties. The technology is deemed to be one of the most cost effective ways to enjoy the purest form of drinking water without investing much time and energy. Alka Rich Ionized Ph Water Filtration Process Alkarich water filters act as alkaline water treatment systems. They use an all new generation of special natural ceramics that are known to affect the water that flows through them. The usual process includes:

  2. 1.Increasing of pH of water to alkaline mode 2.Changing the Reduction/Oxidation potential of impure water 3.Reduction in the size of clusters of water molecules in order to get them easily absorbed by the body 4.Putting in minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. While the regular tap water is nowadays full of germs, bacterias, heavy metals, oxidants and other cancer causing agents, allkarich treated water is ideal to be used for cooking, drinking, or beverage making. Drinking Alkaline Water ideally combined with a more alkaline diet reportedly can: 1.1 Increase energy level. 2.2 Boosting Immunity 3.3 Slow down ageing process This treated water is credited with several beneficial properties as well as treatment of diseases. Pure water is crucial to maintain good health as well as vitality to life. Consuming safe drinking water can help to fight with numerous diseases including: Diabetes High Blood Pressure High Cholesterol Kidney Problems Gout Chronic Fatigue Acid Reflux Atopic Dermatitis Osteoporosis Stomach Inflammation Liver Inflammation Toxemias of Pregnancy While this is just introduction, the technology is known to provide several other benefits like less wastage of water, low power consumptions and others. Big companies like Bluebird are adopting this technology and have introduces their Alkarich water purifiers in the market as well. Improve your health and lifespan with soft water and start adopting Alkarich water to your daily lifestyle.