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CLP-770 FW Education Material PowerPoint Presentation
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CLP-770 FW Education Material

CLP-770 FW Education Material

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CLP-770 FW Education Material

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  1. CLP-770FW Education Material

  2. Contents • General specific • Unit function setting • Tech Mode functions • F/W upgrade

  3. Ⅰ. General specific Purpose • Understanding main specific • Understanding how to use functions

  4. Ⅰ. General specific Compare to CLP-660

  5. Ⅰ. General specific Ready Toner OK 4 line LCD OPE panel

  6. MENU Map

  7. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Purpose • Understanding functions • CLP-770 main function setting

  8. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Menu> Information • Printer information pages Prints Configuration, Menu Map, Demo Page, PCL Font List, PS3 Font List, Stored Job, Completed Job, Usage Page, Accounting Report, Counter Info. Stored Job: Print data file list which stored in HDD Completed Job: Completed Job list in HDD Usage Page: Page count information each paper size/type Accounting Report: Page count information each user Counter Info.: Page count information of Color/Mono, Duplex/Simplex. Information Menu Map Configuration Supplies Info. Demo Page PCL Font List PS3 Font List Stored Job* Completed Job* Usage Page* Accounting Report Counter Info.

  9. Ⅱ. Unit function setting • This menu allows you to adjust the Layout setting Menu> Layout Orientation This menu allows to select the direction in witch information is printed on a page. ( Portrait, Landscape ) Simplex Margin Set the margin of print materials for one-sided printing. (only effective on PCL5 job) Layout Duplex Orientation Simplex Margin Duplex Duplex Margin To print on both sides of paper, choose the binding edge . ( Off, Long Edge, Short Edge ) Duplex Margin This menu allows set the margins for double-sided printing.

  10. Ⅱ. Unit function setting • This menu allows you to adjust Paper setting Menu> Paper Copies Set number of copies Paper Size Set paper size of each tray Paper Type Set paper type of each tray Paper Source Paper Set default tray for printing. When ‘Auto’, printer set available tray. ( priority : MP – Tray1 – Tray2 – Tray3 – Tray4 ) Copies MP Tray Tray1 Tray2 Tray3 Tray4 Paper Source Tray Confirm Tray Confirm Tray confirm - Notify when new paper size/type get in to each tray - User can change paper size/type when confirm msg shows up On : using tray confirm Off : not using tray confirm

  11. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Menu> Graphic Resolution This menu can select the default resolution. If the resolution is high, the clarity of the printouts is shaper, but the print time may take longer. ( Draft, Normal, Best ) Fine Edge Enhancing print quality by reducing white gap. It works only TEXT and BLACK LINE BOX. Darken Text Graphic Enhance print quality by applying 1-dot bold effect. Resolution Fine Edge Darken Text

  12. Ⅱ. Unit function setting • Setup menu to configure variety of features Menu> System Setup Date & Time, Clock Mode Adjust date / time Form Menu Printing with form files Language Select language which shown in LCD Power Save System Setup Sets how long the printer waits before going to power save (Default 15Min) Date & Time* Clock Mode* Form Menu* Language Power Save Auto Continue Altitude Adj. Auto CR Job Timeout Maintenance Clear Setting HDD Spooling* Altitude Adj. Optimize the print quality according to your altitude (Normal, High1, High2, High3) Auto CR This option allows you to append the required carriage return to each line feed, which is useful to the UNIX user or DOS user. (LF, LF+CR)

  13. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Menu> System Setup Job Timeout Sets the amount of time a single print job is active before if must print. The machine handles incoming data as a single job, if it comes in within the specified time. When an error occurs while processing data from the computer and the data flow stops, the machine waits the specified amount of time and then cancels printing if data flow does not resume. Maintenance Clean Fuser : Printing pattern for cleaning fuser Supplies Info. : Total Color/Mono Count, Toner Remain information Toner Low Alert : On/Off for displaying Toner Low Alert message

  14. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Menu> Emulation Emulation Type Languages from the computer and the machine are different, the printing quality can not be confirmed. It is recommended to set this menu to “Auto” to switch the proper language. Setup PCL : PCL emulation setting (font type, symbol type, lines per page, font size) Emulation Print PS Error : This menu provides you with the Print PS Error menu item. You can select whether or not your printer prints an error list when a PS error occurs. Emulation Type Setup

  15. Ⅱ. Unit function setting ACR Pattern • This menu allows you to adjust the color setting Menu> Color Custom Color Adjust the Contrast of each color ( -5 ~ 5 ) Auto Color Reg Adjust the position of color texts or graphics to match the position of the printed colors to those on your screen Color Custom Color Auto Color Reg Note : ACR can be automatically executed in the following situations : • Power On • Cover Open -> Close • Waking up from sleeping mode • After printing every 100 or 50 pages • …

  16. Ⅱ. Unit function setting • This menu lets you configure the network Menu> Network Ethernet Speed Set the communication speed for ethernet connection. TCP/IP(IPv4) If you are using the TCP/IP protocol for networking, select this menu. (DHCP, BOOTP, Static) Clear Setting Clear the network setting. Network Network Info. Ethernet Speed TCP/IP (IPv4) Clear Setting Network Info Prints Network Configuration Page.

  17. Ⅱ. Unit function setting Menu> Job Manage • Manage Job stored in HDD Active Job Processing job which can be deleted Stored Job Stored job in HDD. It can be shared, printed, deleted. It can be limited to a certain user File Policy Job Manage* File naming policy when same file would be stored Active Job Stored Job File Policy Image Overwrite Image Overwrite Overwriting policy when same file job would be stored

  18. Purpose • How to enter Tech Mode • Understanding Tech Mode

  19. Ⅲ. Tech Mode Functions Tech Mode Tech Mode Data Setup EDC Mode Report +Data Setup +Report +EDC Mode +Tech Menu +User Menu +HDD Setup +Counter Reset +Adjust Margin +B2B Mode +Toner Low Level +NVM Read Write +NVM Initialize +Test Routines +Manual Settings +Regi. Pattern +Supplies Info. +Event Log +ACR Report How to enter Tech Mode menu → up → left → OK → right → cancel → menu Tech Mode menu

  20. Ⅲ. Tech Mode Functions Tech Mode menu

  21. Ⅳ. F/W Upgrade Purpose • Understanding F/W upgrade

  22. Ⅳ. F/W Upgrade Ready Toner OK Flash Upgrade Firmware Upgrade Progress 50% Do NOT Power Off Via USB connection (when Ready state) CLP-770 Rom has file name like ‘CLP770_VA.BB.CC.DD.hd’. Step 1: Delete all processing job. Step 2: Confirm USB connection Step 3: Download ROM file form PC to MACHINE via usblist2.exe

  23. Ⅳ. F/W Upgrade Firmware Upgrade Progress 50% Do NOT Power Off Via USB connection (when Power OFF) Step 1: Confirm USB connection Step 2: Power button press Step 3: Within 1sec of Step2, press STOP key , make “Wait Image” status. Step 4: Download ROM file form PC to MACHINE via usblist2.exe Wait Image . . .

  24. Ⅳ. F/W Upgrade Via SWS(SyncThru Web Service) Select F/W Upgrade

  25. Q & A