5 important air conditioner maintenance tips n.
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Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

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  1. 5 Important Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips

  2. Introduction • With summer knocking on the door, the time has come to get your air conditioner running again. • But before you do so, it’s a good idea to spend some time getting the air conditioner unit up and ready. In fact, keeping a schedule for your AC unit’s maintenance is probably one of the most rewarding household chores. • Regularair conditioning maintenance pays off in two ways. While your AC runs smooth and keeps you cool without breaking down, it also saves you money on energy bills. • That’s because when an AC is put through regular maintenance, its efficiency is kept high and in turn, it uses lesser energy. • In keeping with that, here are five air conditioner maintenance tips that you can perform on your own.

  3. Importance of Air Conditioning Preventive Maintenance • Regular maintenance of air conditioners increases their life by the order of a few years. When you combine that with the lowering of energy costs and an increase in reliability, it becomes apparent why regular maintenance of air conditioners is so important. • A few of the tasks outlined below can be performed by homeowners on their own. However, if you feel uncomfortable with a task at any point, do not shy away from calling a professional air conditioner maintenance service. 

  4. Air Conditioner Maintenance Tips 1. Clear/replace air filter One of the most important AC maintenance tasks is to keep the air filter clean or replace it when necessary. You can clean the filter if your AC comes with the reusable kind and if not, just replace it altogether. The frequency with which you need to do this depends upon where you live. 2. Check all wiring Before you perform this step, make sure to cut power supply to the air conditioner. Now remove your condensing unit’s access panel and check if there are any melted insulations or burned and broken wires. Locate the contactor switch and see if it shows too much pitting. If so, replace it. Also, check for any loose electrical connections throughout.

  5. Cont.. 3. Check the thermostat One of the most important items in any air conditioner maintenance checklist, the thermostat is used to maintain an ideal temperature in your home. In case you are using an old-style mechanical thermostat, know that investing in a programmable thermostat is absolutely worth it. 4. Check the condenser’s fan The fan of the condenser unit is very important for its proper functioning. To check if it’s working properly, turn off the power to your wall mounted air conditioner and examine the fan’s blades for any signs of chips or cracks. 5. Clean from the outside Since a part of your air conditioner is left exposed to outside elements, it tends to accumulate a lot of debris like dirt, leaves, dead insects and even grass clippings. If not paid attention to, this build-up can reduce the air conditioner’s capacity and decrease the air flow.

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