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Problem Based Learning PowerPoint Presentation
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Problem Based Learning

Problem Based Learning

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Problem Based Learning

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  1. Problem Based Learning Group 4

  2. Group member Group Leader: Lee Wang Fai Group Member: Lam ka kit Chung Ngok Wa Lo Pak Suen Li Ping Hang

  3. Project TitleHow does the tourism affects economic development in Cheung Chau?

  4. Introduction • Tourism tends to go to Cheung Chau. Because of… • Pak Tai Temple • Tung Wan Beach & Rock Carving • Wooden Sampan Ride • Tin Hau Temple

  5. Goals of the project • To find out how tourism affect the economic development in Cheung Chau. • To hunt out the disadvantages and advantages brought by tourism in Cheung Chau. • To seek out what is the expenditure of the tourists in Cheung Chau.

  6. Research Questions Can the tourism help promote the economic development?

  7. Objective Have a better understanding of Cheung Chau economic development of tourism

  8. Data presentation

  9. People who stay in Cheung Chau

  10. Country where tourists come from

  11. Foreign Visitors spend per day

  12. Did the economic development increased by tourism? • Most of the shopkeeper who did the questionnaire think yes • But most of the customs come from mainland and Europe • The seafood shops are not popular for the foreigners

  13. The opinion of the shop in Cheung Chau Seafood shop: Most of the foreigners just take photo of the sea food Handicraft shop: Most of the customs come from mainland or local people Motel: There are 90% of house rented by the tourists on Saturday and Sunday.

  14. Views of seafood restaurant owner • They point out that the customers are mainly tourist, especially British. • They think that the tourism absolutely promote the economic development of Cheung Chau.

  15. The transportation of Cheung Chau • The price of ship from Central to Cheung Chau is expensive. • It is because the additional fare is used to subsidise the ship routes which are in financial deficit.(e.g. Mui Wo , Ping Chau)

  16. Limitation of the project • short-handed • Not familiar with the street of Cheung Chau • Insufficient time • Language barrier with the Nepalese

  17. Suggestion(1) • More time in field trip and preparing • More interviewees

  18. Suggestion(2) • The route of study should be shortened and abridged so that we can ask questions more effective. • The division of work should be more definite so that we can work effectively. • We should familiar with Cheung Chau before go around Cheung Chau.

  19. Conclusion Tourism in Cheung Chau absolutely promote the economic development. With the rapid development, Cheung Chau gradually become a integrated place with different countries of people. The consumers are mainly foreigners which help to boost the economic development.

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  21. THE END