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ORIENTAL BUFFET ONLINE. BY MARTIN SHUEH. BACKGROUND. - Family Business - Open since 1998 - locations. MOTIVATION. Regular menu VS Buffet . TECHNOLOGY . PHP 5.0.4 MyMarket CMS 1.72 MySQL Flash MX 2004 Paypal. SETTING UP.

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  2. BACKGROUND - Family Business - Open since 1998 - locations

  3. MOTIVATION • Regular menu VS Buffet

  4. TECHNOLOGY PHP 5.0.4 MyMarket CMS 1.72 MySQL Flash MX 2004 Paypal

  5. SETTING UP Download MyMarket CMS and extract it to public html in the ACM server. Configure MySQL and MyMarket.

  6. MySQL TABLES • TABLE users username, password, priv, firstname, lastname, email, phone, address • TABLE products: id, name, description, price, on_special • TABLE Categories: id, parent_id, name, description • TABLE products_categories product_id, category_id

  7. TABLE orders id, username, o_timestamp, a_timestamp, custinfo, comments, amount • TABLE order_items order_id, product_id, price, qty • TABLE binary_data id, description, filename, filesize, filetype • TABLE stats_day date, hits

  8. WEBSITE FEATURES (END USERS) Flash Default page Browse Menu Search Function Login or sign up Contact us View Product Details View and Edit Shopping Cart Check Out and Place Order Online Pay with Paypal or Credit Card. Guest Book Survey Buy Gift Card Change address, phone number, and email Change password

  9. Website Features (Admin) • Add product, categories, users control • View site statistics • Add product image • Check order details

  10. GUI DESIGN (before login)

  11. After Login

  12. Oriental Buffet Online Demo Orientalbuffet.com

  13. Future Works Set up Secure Socket Layer Add web service to check the distance between the zip code of customer and the restaurants. Only 10 miles distance range customers allow to register.

  14. Conclusion This website will help attract more prospect customers and help them learn more about the restaurant. So they will know that the restaurant is more than a simple buffet restaurant but it also offers a full range of menus selection. Without a doubt, having this website will help the restaurant to give faster service to their valuable customers. Thus, creating a competitive advantage compared to other restaurants without a website.

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