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  14. Company Overview What is StumbleUpon? • StumbleUpon is a Discovery Engine • Positive and negative user ratings influence what other ‘Stumblers’ discover • Social Network effect - users are more likely to see sites that friends or those with similar interests have recommended Why Stumble? • Discovery engine allows users to find content that can’t be deliberately found on the web • Passionate users love the ‘Surprise Factor’ of what’s coming next

  15. Company History • Founded in November 2001 by Garrett Camp, Geoff Smith, Justin LaFrance and Eric Boyd in Calgary, Canada • Moved to SF after gaining popularity and raised $1.2M in angel funding • Acquired by eBay in March 2007 for $75M • Bought back by Camp, Smith and other investors in April 2009 • Now an independent, investor-backed startup again with offices in SF and NYC

  16. Business Model - Overview • StumbleUpon makes money by selling highly targeted page views to publishers and brand marketers • Advertisers’ sponsored pages are served to users interspersed with non-sponsored content 40,000+ Brand Advertisers & Pubs 20 Million End Users Social Targeting Platform “We're able to match each sponsored page to the users most likely to enjoy it” -Garrett Camp, StumbleUpon CEO and Founder

  17. Business Model - Pricing & Value Proposition Pricing Three tiers of service and pricing are offered to advertisers: $50 CPM, $100 CPM, or $150 CPM. StumbleUpon is free for end users. Customers StumbleUpon’s customers include both publishers seeking to gain additional traffic and large brand advertisers like the NFL and Movie Studios. Value Proposition • StumbleUpon delivers engaged, interested users • Advertisers have full control of the page • Campaigns and content can also go viral if they receive high ratings • In fact, over 70% of sponsored impressions result in a • ‘thumbs-up’.

  18. Technology - Social Targeting StumbleUpon uses advanced social targeting algorithms to crunch massive amounts of data for content targeting • Over 50,000 new URLs are indexed each day • 600 Million user recommendations per month (e.g ‘thumbs-up’) • Pages are targeted at users based on: topical preferences, thumbs- • up/down ratings, ratings by members of their social graph

  19. Technology - Algorithmic Strategy Page-User Matching Score is function of: 1 Interest Category Match Score 2 Population Thumbs-up/Down Ratings • Takeaways • StumbleUpon’s user interest and ratings data is a large, predictive, and unique data source. • This proprietary data is likely StumbleUpon’s most valuable asset. • Algorithm building is an on-going, evolving effort. Many engineers working on it. 3 User’s Historical Page Ratings 4 User’s Demographic Information 5 User’s Social Network’s Ratings

  20. Technology - Paid Discovery Platform StumbleUpon’s flagship product is their ‘Paid Discovery’ advertising platform Advertisers leverage the platform to run targeted brand marketing campaigns Campaign Creation Campaign Analytics Reporting Metrics: Views Ratings Time-On-Site Target Based On: Topical Category Age, Gender, Location Device Reporting Insights: Per-user Information Organic Views (eCPM) Social Graph Data Serving Priority: Premium ($150 CPM) Standard ($100 CPM) Light ($50 CPM)

  21. Competitive Landscape Entire “Content- Discovery Space”!

  22. Competitive Landscape Look how many options you have to share any given page!

  23. What is StumbleUpon’s Role in the Industry? Maximizing Utility for all “Actors” Revenue ROI Relevance of Ads

  24. Would We Use It? As a User As an Advertiser/ Publisher

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