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The Leadership in Sports

The Leadership in Sports

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The Leadership in Sports

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  1. The Leadership in Sports Enzo Hartono Christian Horner

  2. Self Identity • Name : Christian Edward Johnston Horner • Date of Birth : 16, November, 1973 • Aged : 39 • Nationality : U.K, Lexington city • Occupation : Principal and C.E.O of Red Bull racing

  3. Red Bull Racing Cars RB 13 RB 12 RB 10 F 2004 (Red Bull)

  4. The Career • He started out as a driver, competing in the British F3 championship with three different teams in the space of three seasons between 1994 and 1996. In 1997 he moved into F3000 and founded Team Arden. After realising he would not make it to the top level he retired from driving at the end of the 1998 season to concentrate on team management.

  5. At just 25 years old, Horner struggled for results with his team. However, in 2002 he signed Tomas Enge and Bjorn Wirdheim and Enge went on to win the championship, only to be voted to third after failing a drug test. Wirdheim remained with the team the following year and went on to win the title by a massive 35 points.

  6. When Red Bull entered F1 in 2005 they set about finding a young, dynamic team leader and Horner was an obvious choice. When he joined F1, aged just 32, he was by far the youngest team principal and the media were quick to attack the appointment, ignoring the fact that both Frank Williams and Ron Dennis were a similar age when they started their F1 careers.

  7. Motto • Hire young. In the early days of Red Bull it was a matter of finding the right people. • Competitors don't have to be enemies. There is big difference between the teams because we're judged every two weeks on what we achieve on the track • Just because you've won doesn't mean you can rest. After a victory we still ask, "What could we have done better?  • Don't worry about your age. People underestimate it when you come into a job at a young age, which can be an advantage.

  8. Responsibilities • As Mr. Horner is the principal of Red bull racing his responsibilities is to organize his team well and well managed for a new event coming. • As a team member the team should involve and obey the leaders rules. • As the Red Bull racing driver the driver should drive safely and follow the instructors instructions.

  9. Skills and Qualities • Mr. Horner had Time management because he tried to be fast in everything, When there is a race Mr. Horner thinks fast about strategies ! • Mr. Horner had good decision making skills. He could decide the best racer to race his team ! • Mr. Horner had respecting quality because he could respect every ones idea and not underestimating his team ! • Mr. Horner had open minded quality because he could accept and try hi teams idea !