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Matrimony. By Joey Cloran, Brandon Arens, AJ Rigsby, and Matthew Peabody. Examples from Jesus’ Ministry.

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  1. Matrimony By Joey Cloran, Brandon Arens, AJ Rigsby, and Matthew Peabody

  2. Examples from Jesus’ Ministry • It is important to mention that this relationship between man and women has been an essential part of God’s plan before the time of Jesus. God called man and women to procreate (Genesis 1:28) and take care of each other (Genesis 2:24) • The love shown between a man and a women represents a sign of love for all of God’s people. • Throughout Jesus’ ministry, he always made marriage a top priority. • Jesus showed his first miracle at a wedding feast in Canna. By doing this he showed the goodness of marriage and the importance if it as a covenant.

  3. Effects • A marriage bond has been established by God and never can be dissolved. • Grace is achieved through Christ. This grace allows for couples to grow together and achieve holiness . It allows them to forgive one another, bear burdens together, and heal each other with love. • Calls both the man and woman to be faithful to one another (fidelity). • It's important that the marriage is open to having children. • If the couple does have children, It's the couple's duty to be the main role models on how to live out Jesus' calling in the church. The child experiences the faith at home and all the virtues we love that go with it.

  4. What is Matrimony? • Matrimony and Holy orders are both in the mission stage of Christian life. • Matrimony and Holy orders are both in the Service of Communion stage of spiritual life. • God created us to love one another. It is vital to the education of children and is good for the couple. • The Marriage process begins about 6 months before Marriage.

  5. Preparation, Rites, and Symbols of Matrimony • The marriage process usually starts about 6 months before the couple actually gets married. The couple sits down with the priest or deacon and discuss the importance of marriage and a life long vocation to love. • Rite of marriage usually takes place during mass: • Public celebration • Scripture reading that was chosen in advance by the couple. • After the gospel, the rites of marriage take place. • Then some questions are asked: • “Are you free to give your selves to marriage?” • “Will you honor and love each other for the rest of your lives?” • “Will you lovingly accept children from God and take care of them and be role models for them in the Catholic faith?” • The deacon or priest will strengthen their union in the eyes of God. • Rings are blessed the exchanged, symbolizing love and fidelity towards one another.

  6. Preparation, Rites, and Symbols of Matrimony continued… • After this the liturgy of the Eucharist follows and a special prayer is said for the couple. • If the couple is Catholic, they will receive communion.

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