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Fully Furnished House for Rent in Toronto - CIRCL PowerPoint Presentation
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Fully Furnished House for Rent in Toronto - CIRCL

Fully Furnished House for Rent in Toronto - CIRCL

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Fully Furnished House for Rent in Toronto - CIRCL

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  1. Renting Out a Room in Your House How can you rent out a room, while still making sure your family’s safety stays intact? Here are Four steps to ensure a comfortable boarder situation where everybody wins.

  2. Look at Your Space Before you do anything, identify the house, or rooms, you have available to rent out. House with access to a private bathroom, or “basement room,” will get you more in rent than smaller bedrooms.

  3. Check Local Rents Do you know how much other rooms and house are going for in your area? Use a site like to see how much you can reasonably charge for rent based on your zip code, and local rates.

  4. Personally Interview Tenants Once you start getting calls about the rent, it’s up to you to personally interview each tenant. During the interview, you can request to see proof of employment or student status, and ask them about their living habits. It’s also important to call the references they give you. Check with their past landlords to see if they paid rent on time, and if they left their apartment in good condition.

  5. Do a Credit and Background Check Once you’ve found a tenant you think might be a good fit, do a credit and criminal background check on them. Although it may seem like an irrelevant step, doing a credit and background check is money well spent, especially if you find out your potential housemate has a rap sheet.

  6. Contact Us Address: 481 University Ave. Suite 703 Toronto ON. M5G 2E4 Canada (647)-560-4282 Telephone: (647)-560-4282 Email: Join Us on Social @meetcirclapp Website: