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New Yorker on Power Point

New Yorker on Power Point

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New Yorker on Power Point

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  1. New Yorker on Power Point

  2. Einstein: His Life and Times Robert Damrauer Chemistry Department University of Colorado at Denver Denver, Colorado, 80217 UHL Seminars: October 24 and 31, 2008

  3. Einstein: First Talk Poster Centennial First Talk: March 14, 1979

  4. Chronology: 1889-1884 1879March 14, born in Ulm, Germany, von Laue and Hahn born, James Clerk Maxwell dies, Planck receives doctorate 1880Family moves to Munich, von Baeyer synthesizes indigo 1881 Sister Maja born 1882Darwin dies 1883Curie effect discovered, Mach published “The Science of Mechanics”

  5. Chronology: 1884-1888 1884 Enchantment with pocket compass,Mendel dies 1885 Niels Bohr born 1886 Enters public school 1887 Hertz generates electromagnetic waves, Mach photographs shock wave in front of missile, Schrödinger born 1888 Transfer to Luitpold Gymnasium

  6. Paternal Grandparents Abraham und Helen

  7. Parents Pauline und Hermann

  8. Family Pictures 1 Earliest known photo (Munich in early 1880s) With sister Maja in 1884

  9. Family Pictures 2 With Maja-- AE at 14

  10. 1889-1895 1889 First encounters with Max Talmey, who recommends books on science and mathematics, Eiffel builds tower 1892 Reads works of Kant and becomes interested in the calculus, de Broglie born 1894 Family moves to Italy, he remains in Munich alone 1895 Fails entrance exams to the Polytechnic (ETH) at 16

  11. 1895-1896 1895Roentgen discovers X-rays, Ramsey isolates helium, Nobel endows prizes 1896 Renounces German citizenship, completes year at Aarau, enters ETH, Meets Mileva Maric, Becquerel discovers radioactivity, Wien formulates radiation law

  12. 1898-1900 1898 Curies isolate radium 1899 Formally applies for Swiss citizenship, Rutherford discovers alpha and beta rays 1900 Receives “Mathematics Teacher” degree, fails in application for assistantship at ETH, first paper (on capillarity) is published in Annalen der Physik, Planck formulates quantum law

  13. 1901-1902 1901 Receives Swiss citizenship, gets temporary work as teacher/tutor in Winterthur, Fermi born 1902 Employed at Swiss Patent Office in Bern, begins work on classical statistical mechanics

  14. As New Swiss Citizen, 1901

  15. 1902-1904 1902 Birth of daughter Lieserl, Fischer shows proteins made up of amino acids, Nobel Prize to Lorentz and Zeeman for splitting of spectral lines in magnetic fields 1903 Marries Mileva, Nobel to Becquerel and Curies 1904 First son, Hans Albert, born, discusses special relativity with Michael Besso for first time, Rutherford and Soddy understand radioactivity as atomic disintegration

  16. Miracle Years: 1666 1666 City of London survives great fire 1666 British Fleet defeats Dutch (Treaty in 1667 gives Britain New Netherland)

  17. Miracle Years: 1666 And by the way Newton Laid the foundation of his Calculus Propounded his theory of color Propounded his law of gravitation At 24 years old

  18. Miracle Years: 1905 1905 AE publishes five papers in Annalen der Physik 1905 Philipp Lenard wins Nobel Prize in Physics

  19. Miracle Years: 1905 Published on: The nature of light = photoelectric effect Determination of molecular dimensions Motion of small particles: Brownian motion Electrodynamics of moving bodies (special relativity) Equivalence of mass and energy (E = mc2) At 26 years old

  20. In Bern, 1905

  21. Isaac Newton 1642-1727

  22. Michael Faraday 1791-1867

  23. Michael Faraday 1791-1867

  24. James Clerk Maxwell 1831-1879

  25. James Clerk Maxwell 1831-1879

  26. Annus Mirabilus 1905 Equivalence of mass and energy (E = mc2) “One more consequence of the paper on electrodynamics has also occurred to me. The principle of relativity, in conjunction with Maxwell’s equations, requires that mass be a direct measure of the energy contained in a body…. The argument is amusing and seductive; but for all I know the Lord might be laughing over it and leading me around by the nose.”

  27. Annus Mirabilus 1905 Special Relativity To Carl Seelig in 1952: “Between the conception of the idea for the special relativity and the completion of the relevant publication, five or six weeks elapsed.”

  28. 1906-1909 1906 AE earns doctorate at U of Zurich on “New Determination of Dimensions in Molecules”, promotion to Technical Expert, Second Class, Planck accepts special relativity, Ludwig Boltzmann dies, Nobel to J.J. Thomson 1907 Nobel Prize to Michelson, Picasso and Braque invent Cubism 1908 AE becomes lecturer at U of Bern, begins work refining relativity, Becquerel dies, Minkowski gives lecture on space and time, Kamerlingh Onnes liquifies helium 1909 Receives first honorary doctorate at U of Geneva, becomes Associate Professor at U of Zurich, Haber process patented, Wright builds Robie House

  29. 1910-1912 1910 Second son, Eduard, born 1911 Professorship at German University in Prague, has first important ideas for a formulation of general theory (gravity deflecting light), 1st Solvay Conference, Nobel to Wien 1912 Returns to Zurich as Professor at Polytechnic

  30. Mileva

  31. Student Petition to Retain EA at U of Zurich To the Department of Education We hear that Prof. Einstein has been proposed for the soon to be vacant professorship of theoretical physics at the University of Prague. The undersigned auditors of Prof. Einstein’s lectures request you herewith to do your utmost to keep this outstanding researcher and teacher at our university. Prof. Einstein has an amazing talent for presenting the most difficult problems of theoretical physics so clearly and so comprehensibly that it is a great delight for us to follow his lectures; and he is so good at establishing a perfect contact with his audience that we are convinced that his teaching activity would be of great advantage to our university. This is so simple, God could not have passed it up. Nature conceals her mystery by means of her essential grandeur, not by her cunning. I had violin lessons from age 6 to 14, but had no luck with my teachers for whom music did not transcend mechanical practicing. For science something can be said, no violinist is so well fed.

  32. 1913-1915 1913 Draft of generalized relativity published with Grossmann, Bohr publishes “The Constitution of Atoms” 1914 Move to U of Berlin, becomes full-time member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences and Director of the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Physics 1915 Explains perihelion of mercury, finds bending of light is twice as great as previously thought, signs “Manifesto to Europeans”

  33. 1916-1918 1916 Publishes General Theory of Relativity, first paper on gravitational waves, returns to quantum mechanics: induced spontaneous emission and absorption phenomena 1917 Establishes first relativistic model of the universe, introducing the cosmological constant, illnesses 1918Planck and Haber win Nobel Prizes

  34. Fritz Haber, 1914

  35. 1919-1921 1919 Divorces Mileva, marries cousin Elsa, two British expeditions confirm deflection of light in a gravitational field,Nobel Prize to Stark 1919 !!!!INSTANT WORLD FAME !!!! 1920 AE meets Bohr for the first time in Berlin, Lenard and Stark force AE to Leyden 1921 Visits US with Weizmann to raise money for Hebrew University, delivers lectures at Princeton, visit Newton’s grave in London on return

  36. Chaim Weizmann, 1921 Weizmann commenting on the trip across the Atlantic: “Einstein explained his theory to me every day, and on my arrival I was fully convinced that he understood it.”

  37. Quote to Weizmann “If we do not find the path to honest cooperation and honest negotiations with the Arabs, then we have learned nothing from our 2000 years of suffering and we deserve the fate that will befall us. Above all, we should be careful not to rely too heavily on the English. For if we don’t get to a real cooperation with the leading Arabs, then the English will drop us, if not officially, then de facto. And they will lament our debacle with traditional, pious glances toward heaven, with assurances of their innocence, and without lifting a finger for us.”

  38. AE as Icon

  39. LaGuardia, 1921

  40. Walk the Walk

  41. Deep in Thought

  42. Attacking Life’s Mysteries

  43. Salesman

  44. N-IKON

  45. Relativity

  46. Game Theory

  47. Get to the Point

  48. 1922-1924-2001 1922 first paper on Unified Field Theory, wins Physics Nobel Prize retroactively for 1921, visits, France, Japan, Palestine, Spain, Bohr wins 1922 Nobel Prize in Physics 1924 Satyendranath Bose sends AE a paper, which AE generalizes, producing a new kind of quantum statistics called the Bose-Einstein statistics-- they also predict “a new form of matter” 2001 Carl Wieman, Eric Cornell, and Wolfgang Ketterle win Nobel Prize in Physics “for the achievement of Bose-Einstein condensation in dilute gases of alkali atoms, and for early fundamental studies of the properties of the condensate.”

  49. 1925-1928 1925 Promotes duality principle of matter by emphasizing ideas of Louis DeBroglie, Heisenberg, Born, and Jordon publish on quantum mechanics 1926 Fermi-Dirac statistics created 1927 attended 5th Solvay Conference, “locks horns” with Bohr on the foundations of quantum mechanics begins, Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Lindbergh flight, Babe Ruth hits 60 home runs 1928Fleming discovers penicillin

  50. Einstein and Bohr: bikes Einstein Bohr EA wrote in 1949: “that this insecure and contradictory foundation (of physics)was sufficient to enable a man of Bohr’s unique instinct and tact to discover the major laws of the spectral lines and of the electron shells of the atoms together with their significance for chemistry appeared to me a miracle -- and it appears to me as a miracle even today.”