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  1. 1. Assess the personality of Louis XIV. What do the quotes reveal about himself? 2. Do you think that Louis XIV lives up to the title, absolute monarch? Examples?

  2. ABSOLUTISM FRANCE Louis XIV “The Sun King”

  3. Louis XIV: The Sun King King of France (1643-1715)

  4. Cardinal Mazarin ushered in the reign of Louis XIV by setting up a powerful royal state for the young king.

  5. "I could sooner reconcile all Europe than two women"

  6. Royal Court: Personal household of king Location of central government machinery Place of favor and offices (of particular interest to courtiers)

  7. “I very nearly had to wait!”

  8. The reign of Louis XIV set the standard for absolute monarchies and aristocracies in Europe.

  9. Province Rule: Hereditary Officeholders Intendants (eyes and ears of ministers) Royal patronage (bribed key officials)

  10. "It is legal because I wish it."

  11. Louis XIV replaced high nobles and royal princes with new nobility that could be more easily controlled

  12. Religious Policy: “One king, one law, one faith.” Louis XIV repressed the French Huguenot population St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

  13. Louis became a key patron of science…

  14. Palace of Versailles: Residence of king Reception hall for state affairs Offices for members of government Home for thousands of royal officials and aristocratic courtiers

  15. Versailles became the symbol of the absolutist state of France and the power of the Sun King. It was intended to impress foreign powers

  16. Louis XIV Crossing the Pont Neuf, c. 1666

  17. Louis XIV in Glory After the Peace of Nijmegen, 1681

  18. Daily Ceremonies Nobles assisted the king with the following activities: Rising from bed, dining, praying, mass, going to bed, handing the king his shirt during dressing.

  19. The Hall of Mirrors

  20. The Queen’s bedroom

  21. The King’s study

  22. Louis XIV’s quest for military glory led to many wars which drained the French treasury and left France with many enemies in Europe

  23. “I am the state.” --Louis XIV (Note: He probably never said it!)