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  1. BIOLOGICAL INDUSTRIES DO YOU SUSPECT MYCOPLASMA?Prevention, Detection and Treatment of Mycoplasma Contamination 支原体污染的预防,检测与治疗

  2. Biological Industries offers you:


  4. EZ-PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit Cat. # 20-700-10 (10 assays) Cat. # 20-700-20 (20 assays) Ready to use PCR mix for the detection of mycoplasma in cell culture 即用型细胞培养中支原体检测PCR试剂盒

  5. EZ-PCR Mycoplasma Test Kit is designed to detect the presence of mycoplasma contaminating biological materials, such as cultured cells. EZ-PCR支原体检测试剂盒用来检测生物材料,如培养的细胞中支原体的存在。 Mycoplasma detection by the direct culture procedure is time-consuming and some mycoplasma species are difficult to cultivate. 直接培养方法检测耗时且有的种类支原体很难培养。 With PCR testing, results are obtained within a few hours, since the presence of contaminant mycoplasma can be easily detected simply by verifying the bands of amplified DNA fragments in electrophoresis. 用PCR检测,几小时可出结果。支原体DNA片段可通过电泳条带确认。

  6. The primer set allows detection of various mycoplasma species, with high sensitivity and specificity: 系列引物可以高特异性和高灵敏度地检测很多种支原体


  8. The contamination of cells with mycoplasma is a very common problem, even though it often goes unnoticed since no cloudiness appears in the cell culture. 支原体污染细胞培养是很常见的问题,常常因其不造成混浊而不被注意到。Since mycoplasma-infected cells cannot always be discarded, many complicated methods have been suggested for the elimination of the mycoplasma.支原体污染的细胞有时不能废弃,有许多复杂的方法可以用来去除污染。

  9. Biological Industries is now offering a combination of antibiotics, which have been shown to be effective in the elimination of mycoplasma species that account for 90% of the contamination found in cell cultures.Biological Industries的抗生素系列产品能有效杀灭细胞培养中的90%以上的支原体 BIOMYC-1 (cat. # 03-036-1) & BIOMYC-2 (cat. # 03-037-1) BIOMYC-3 (cat. # 03-038-1)

  10. BIOMYC-1 & BIOMYC-2 BIOMYC-1 is based on the antibiotic tiamutin, which is produced by the fungus pleurotus mutilus. 成分为泰妙菌素. BIOMYC-2 is based on minocycline, which is a tetracycline derivative. 二甲胺四环素,四环素衍生物. These two antibiotic solutions are generally used sequentially in combination. 以上抗生素溶液一般按顺序联合使用.

  11. BIOMYC-3 BIOMYC-3 is based on the ciprofloxacin antibiotic, which is a member of the fluoroquinolone group. Many mycoplasma species have been found to be sensitive to BIOMYC-3. BIOMYC-3成分为氟喹酮类的环丙沙星,多种支原体对其敏感.

  12. AQUAGUARD-1 (cat. # 01-867-1) Disinfecting ofCO2 incubator water baths 二氧化碳培养箱水槽专业 抗支原体污染试剂 PREVENTION AQUAGUARD-2 (cat. # 01-916-1E) Disinfecting ofordinary Waterbaths 一般培养箱水槽抗支原体处理 试剂 PHARMACIDAL (cat. # IC-110100) Disinfectant solution for incubators and sterile work-benchesin cell culture- and molecular biology laboratories 用于消毒容器的表面

  13. PHARMACIDAL The problem of contamination in incubators and/or sterile work-benches is often a serious one, leading to extensive damage. Non-toxic and biodegradable,and therefore can be used for spraying incubators while the cells remain inside Prevents contamination with and growth of fungi (and spores), bacteria (and spores) mycoplasma and viruses (including HIV and Hepatitis B) Active ingredients: Quarternary Benzylammonium compounds. The solution does not contain mercury, formaldehyde, phenol or alcohol. 培养箱,无菌台的污染常导致更广泛的破坏。 无毒和可降解性,可喷洒正进行细胞培养的培养箱。 防止真菌(芽孢),细菌(芽孢),支原体和病毒(HIV&HBV)污染。 活性成分为四苯甲基化合物, 不含汞,甲醛,苯酚

  14. AQUAGUARD-1For disinfecting CO2 incubator water baths The water required to create the humidity is a source of contamination which disperses in the incubator. In order to disinfect the water we recommend Aquaguard-1 Solution, which contains a disinfectant that does not cause damage to the stainless steel tray, is non-toxic, non-volatile, and extremely effective. The water should be replaced with sterile water every two to four weeks, adding 50ml of Aquaguard-1 per 5 liters of water. 保持湿度的培养箱中的水是污染来源之一。 消毒培养箱中的水,建议使用Aquaguard-1溶液,它不会腐蚀不锈钢盘,无毒,不挥发且极有效。 水应每两到四周更换一次,每5升水加入50ml Aquaguard-1溶液。

  15. AQUAGUARD-2For prevention of microbial growth in ordinary waterbaths用于防止普通水浴槽的微生物生长 Aquaguard-2 is intended for disinfecting various kinds of water baths from bacteria and fungi. Aquaguard-2用来消毒各种水浴箱 It is recommended to use 2ml of Aquaguard-2 for each liter of water in the bath, and to repeat the procedure every 1-2 weeks. After 4-6 weeks, the bath should be emptied and refilled with water containing Aquaguard-2. 使用浓度为2ml/L, 每1-2周重复一次,4-6周后彻底更换含Aquaguard-2的水 The active ingredient in Aquaguard-2 is safe to humans and does not cause any irritating effects to the skin when used in the recommended concentration. Aquaguard-2 is biodegradable. Aquaguard-2的有效成分在推荐使用浓度时对人体安全,且可降解。

  16. MYCOPLASMA FAQ’s常见问题

  17. Why is routine mycoplasma testing important?为什么定期支原体检测很重要? The cell functions of mycoplasma-infected cells are affected. Since it is difficult to detect infection reliably with other methods, it is possible that results of experiments are being misinterpreted. 支原体可改变细胞功能。 用其他方法很难检测出感染,进而导致实验结果被曲解。

  18. Do I have to culture my cells in the absence of antibiotics before testing?检测前细胞培养中不能使用抗生素吗? If it is not an urgent case, it is recommended to culture without antibiotics for several days, in order to maximize the strength of the signal, that is observed in PCR. 建议在没有抗生素的情况下培养几天,以便最大化PCR观测信号。

  19. Can I test cells immediately after they have been removed from liquid nitrogen?细胞从液氮中取出后能够立即检测吗? It is recommended to let them first grow until 90-100% confluence without antibiotics. 建议在无抗生素条件下生长至90-100%融合后。

  20. How frequently should I test my cells?检测频率? • Whenever new cells enter the lab • Before each liquid nitrogen storage • Routinely every 2-3 months • Weekly after contamination has been found in the laboratory • When you believe that cells characteristics have been modified • 新细胞进入实验室 • 液氮保存前 • 定期每2-3个月 • 发现污染后每周 • 发现细胞特性发生改变

  21. Which antibiotic(s) should I use to treat infected cells?抗生素的选择 • Biomyc-1 + Biomyc-2 sequentially, or Biomyc-3 alone • Biomyc-1 + Biomyc-2按顺序联合使用, Biomyc-3 单独使用 • Biomyc-1, Biomyc-2, Biomyc-3 together cover 90% of the species • 三种同时能去除90%支原体 • There is no single antibiotic that covers the whole spectrum • 没有一种抗生素能去除全部支原体 • We recommend to work in parallel to save time; Biomyc-1 + 2 with half the dishes and Biomyc-3 with the other half. • 建议平行使用节约时间, Biomyc-1 + 2 用在一半的Dish中 ,而Biomyc-3用在另一半中。

  22. How can I be certain that treatment was effective?如何确定治疗是有效的? Grow the cells in media without antibiotics for 2 weeks, and then re-test. 无抗生素培养细胞两周,再检测。