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Hair Loss Series Module 4- Hair Loss in Women

Hair Loss Series Module 4- Hair Loss in Women. Hair Loss in Women Overview. Module 4: Hair Loss in Women 1. What causes hair loss in women? * FPHL, Genetics, hormonal changes, stress/trauma 2. All Proven Solutions:

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Hair Loss Series Module 4- Hair Loss in Women

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  1. Hair Loss Series Module 4- Hair Loss in Women

  2. Hair Loss in Women Overview • Module 4: Hair Loss in Women 1. What causes hair loss in women? * FPHL, Genetics, hormonal changes, stress/trauma 2. All Proven Solutions: * Surgical * Non-Surgical * Hair Therapies * Proper Hair Care 3. Case Studies 4. Discovery 5. Fun Quiz

  3. Hair Loss in WomenCauses of hair loss in Women • Genetics: - Inherited from either mother or father - Often skips a generation • Hormones: - An enzyme 5 alpha reductase mediates the conversion of testosterone to DHT - Menopause/Childbirth/Total Hysterectomy Fluctuations in sex hormonal balance allows male hormone influence - Hormone Replacement HRT-containing Progesterone, (slow release injection) • Age: - Both men and women will lose their original density as they grow older Women typically begin at age 30 and become more noticeable by age 40 • Stress: - Stress can cause follicles to change suddenly from the growing stage to the shedding - Mental or physical stress increases hormone levels increasing 5-alpha reductase & transforms DHT • Diet: - Low levels of Iron, Zinc, Copper and Protein can attribute to hair loss - Excessive levels of Mercury deposited from too much fish can lead to unexplained loss

  4. Hair Loss in Women Causes of hair loss in Women Hormonal Changes and Women’s hair loss: - Hair loss in women can become more noticeable after menopause - Estimated 30% Caucasian women affected before menopause - Women rarely lose their hair due to predisposition- instead it is hormonal balance - Cylical shifts caused during/after pregnancy can also cause hair loss - Postmenopausal trauma or birth control side effects starting/stopping - Hypothyroidism can cause diffused hair - Hypothalamus/Pituitary/Pineal Dysfunction conditions upsetting areas can cause loss

  5. Hair Loss in Women Causes of hair loss in Women Approximately 30 million women in America experience hair loss. • Androgenetic Alopecia: - Female Pattern Thinning (FPT) Genetic hair loss caused by DHT • Alopecia Areata: - Hair loss which occurs in patches on the scalp or other parts of body • Alopecia Totalis: - Hair loss which occurs over the entire scalp • Alopecia Universalis: - Hair loss which occurs over the entire body • Traction Alopecia: - Commonly seen with braids, pony tails and other styles creating traction on scalp • Chemical Alopecia: - Hair loss due to chemical damage • Trichotillomania: - (Chronic Hair Pulling) a disorder that can cause permanent hair damage to follicle

  6. 3 main categories for Hair Shaft Problems External Factors: - Excessive trauma - Drying - sOver brushing - Chemical damage - Over exposure - Sun - Fungal infections invading shaft 2. Internal Factors: - Metabolic Disturbances - Thyroid gland problems: dry/brittle - Nutritional Imbalances 3. Inherited disorder (Monilerthriz): - Beaded hair - Pili Torti - Pili Annulati Hair Loss in Women Causes of hair loss in Women • Improper Hair Care can create Loss • Hair styles: Pulling hair too tight - Pigtails - Ponytails - Cornrows - Hair Rollers Scarring on the Scalp • Hair styles above can cause scarring • to the scalp. • Scarring can cause permanent hair loss Hot Oils/Chemicals/Dyes • Can cause swelling of follicle - More scarring/hair loss The chemicals goes into the follicle and damages the follicle from the inside/out. (These people are often good surgical candidates)

  7. Hair Loss in Women All Proven Solutions Follicular Unit Transplant Surgery • Hair Transplants can be a viable option for women, but the eligible candidates must be carefully selected to avoid transplanting donor hair that may be affected by the same process that is impacting the rest of their hair. • Most women who are contemplating hair replacement (Hair Transplants, Biomatrix, EXT) have very high expectations regarding density and coverage. It is important for the consultant and the surgeon to review their expectations thoroughly. Bio-Matrix, Non-Surgical • An excellent option for most women! Style and versatility make this the number 1 option for women with hair loss.

  8. Hair Loss in Women All Proven Solutions Hair Therapy- EXT • Extreme Hair Therapy line is a great option for women who have experienced minimal hair loss for less than 5 years • Thinning area is less than 4 inches across and/or the main problem is general thinning. • Hair loss should be confined to the top of the head and the thinning area should contain lots of tiny, fine hairs. • Shampoo, conditioner, scalp cleanser, multi-vitamin, and Minoxidil are all included in each monthly kit.. Available in 6 and 12 month programs. Proper Hair Care- MOISTURIZE! • It is essential to use a shampoo and conditioner that contains natural herbs and sunscreen to protect the hair. Condition for at least 5 minutes! • Store bought shampoos and conditioners might seem like a good “deal” because they are sold so inexpensively, but most actually contain harsh additives and drying agents that actually dry out the hair shaft. This makes the hair appear lifeless and dull.

  9. Hair Loss in Women Case Studies • A 7 ½ month pregnant woman walks into your center with Female Pattern Androgenic Alopecia Grade 1. How do you tailor your consultation around her? • A 56 year old woman comes into your center for a consultation and during your discovery you find out that she is going through menopause. What would be your next steps?

  10. How is your consultation different for a woman than it is for a man? What tools do you have at your disposal to make this a successful sale? What would a woman go through that would contribute to hair loss? What questions would you ask the potential client to help you? More emotional sale, affects feminine perception, “I lost my crown”. Looking for more education on why she has lost her hair. 2. Video, brochures, pictures, current clients, template/styling room, stylist and doctor 3. Hormones, menopause, pregnancy, medications 4. What is the most important thing that you would like me to know about your hair? Tell me about your salon habits. What is the first compliment you can’t wait to hear? What are your goals/expectation? Hair Loss in WomenDiscovery Discovery: THE most important part of determining what is best for women!

  11. Hair Loss in Women Fun Quiz How would you answer these questions during your consultation with a woman: • “I was really hoping for surgery. What do you think of that?” • “Does the EXT help re-grow my hair?” • “I really like the Bio-matrix. How long does the hair last?” • “I currently wear a wig. What is so different between my wig and the Bio-matrix? • “No-one in my family has hair loss. Why do I?” • “I’m on hormone medication. Do you think that would contribute to my hair loss?” • “I like the EXT but am trying to get pregnant. Is that OK?” (please fax your answers to Kristi at 713-271-8221-thanks!)

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