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GALILEO GALILEI. 1564-1642. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE “Ptolemaic”. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE. The moon. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE. The sun. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE. Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE. The stars.

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  1. GALILEO GALILEI 1564-1642

  2. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE“Ptolemaic”

  3. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE The moon

  4. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE The sun

  5. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn

  6. The OLD View of the UNIVERSE The stars

  7. Reasons for supporting the old view • Religious beliefs… Humans were God’s creation and so must be at the centre of the universe. • Some passages in the bible implied that the sun was in motion across the sky. This may have been good enough reason for many to believe in an earth centred view but for scientists of the time their were further issues…..

  8. Reasons for supporting the old view Everyday we see the sun “rise”, move across the sky and “set”. It “looks” as though the sun moves around us?

  9. But what would the movement of the sun in the sky look like if we (the earth) were rotating on our axis and orbiting the sun? It would look the same!!!! So this can’t be the key reason for believing that the sun orbits the earth.

  10. The key is our understanding of MOTION! Learned people of the time believed that if the earth was hurtling through space we would be able to feel that motion. Surely an object cannot keep moving unless a force is pushing/pulling it along, and we would be aware of that force???? OUR MODERN UNDERSTANDING OF MOTION SAYS….NO A steady/straight motion requires no forces to be involved.

  11. The argument to support the old view Surely an apple is no longer pulled along with the earth and tree as it starts to fall!... The path you would observe…. If the earth was moving surely we would be able to feel the motion… Falling objects would appear to fall sideways wouldn’t they? MOTION OF EARTH ( you and the tree)

  12. Galileo realised that our understanding of motion was wrong. The apple continues to move sideways with the earth and the tree as it falls…. The idea that things need to be pulled along to keep them moving was wrong To anyone standing on earth the apple appears to fall straight down!

  13. If you are being smart…. You may be saying…..but if we are rotating and moving round the sun we are not moving in a straight line, but a circle! Can you name the force that we experience and allows us to hold our circular path…..???? WE WOULD FEEL THIS FORCE. FOR US TO MOVE IN A CIRCLE WE MUST EXPERIENCE A FORCE THAT PULLS US TOWARDS THE CENTRE OF THIS CIRCLE. GRAVITY !!! All this makes the explanation more complicated, but that ‘s all.

  14. Problems for the old view The observations of the other planets didn’t match the model. If you plot the path of Venus across the sky it looks a bit like this Surely it should move in a straight line!

  15. Other problems for the old view Galileo had created a telescope that showed • Moons around Jupiter • Craters and Mountains on the moon • “Spots” on the sun Everything should move around the earth. The planets/sun and moons were supposed to be perfect and smooth!

  16. Birth of a new view • 1530 Nicholas Copernicus came up with a “sun centred” model. • He didn’t publish it until he was on his deathbed!

  17. The New View of the UNIVERSE“Copernican”

  18. The New View of the UNIVERSE

  19. The New View of the UNIVERSE Now all the planets orbits around the sun Stationary picture

  20. The New View of the UNIVERSE Stationary picture

  21. Galileo He spoke out in favour of the Sun centred model of the universe. In 1633 he was put on trial by the Inquisition and found guilty of heresy. He was sentenced to life imprisonment which was later reduced to permanent house arrest

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