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Special Thanks To All of Our Sponsors PowerPoint Presentation
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Special Thanks To All of Our Sponsors

Special Thanks To All of Our Sponsors

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Special Thanks To All of Our Sponsors

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  1. Special Thanks To All of Our Sponsors

  2. Mike McWherter

  3. Local 492 Nashville 

  4. TN State UAW CAP Council

  5. Local 480Nashville Local 217Jackson

  6. Local 704 Chattanooga

  7. House Minority Leader Rep. Craig Fitzhugh

  8. Thank you for joining us this weekend. None of this would be possible without dedicated Democrats like you!

  9. Fill out the Tennessee Values Survey at:

  10. Follow TN Democrats on Twitter • Rep. Steve Cohen:   @RepCohen • Rep. Jim Cooper:     @RepJimCooper • Sen. Andy Berke:     @andyberke • Sen. Lowe Finney:   @LoweFinney   • Sen. Doug Henry:     @HenryforSenate • Sen. Roy Herron:     @RoyHerron • Sen. Jim Kyle:          @JimKyle • Sen. Eric Stewart:    @votestewart  • Rep. Craig Fitzhugh: @craigfitzhugh • Rep. Antonio Parkinson:@2_Shay   • TN Democratic Party: @tndp

  11. Need resources on messaging?      Summit materials will be uploaded to:

  12. Got a good question for a panelist? Write it on an index card.  Volunteers will  collect your questions.

  13. Saturday, May 21st (Morning) 8:30 - Registration Opens  9:45 - Welcome                 Chip Forrester & Rep. Mike Turner  10:00 - Panel Discussion: Framing our Values                 Moderated by: Rep. Brenda Gilmore 11:50 - Break 12:00 - Lunch                 Guest Speaker: Mayor A.C. Wharton

  14. Saturday, May 21st (Afternoon) 1:10 - Presentation:  "Winning Hearts & Minds"                 Drew Westen, Author of "The Political Brain" 2:45 - Break 2:55 - Presentation: "Gauging Our Values"                 John Geer & Josh Clinton3:40 - Training: "Showing Our Values" 4:50 - Break    

  15. Saturday, May 21st (Evening) 5:00 - "Living Our Values"                 Breakout Sessions: • Service Project: Build Care Packages for Schools • Video Project: "I'm a Democrat Because" • Messaging Values Project: "There is No Center" 6:00 - Break7:00 - Meet & Greet 7:30 - Dinner: Salute to Teachers                     Linda Chavez-Thompson                   Sponsored by the TEA-FCPE

  16. Sunday, May 22nd 9:30 - Prayer Breakfast        Led by Rep. Johnny Shaw & Sen. Roy Herron10:30 - Break10:45 - Panel: "Values Rising"            Sen. Finney, Sen. Berke, Rep. Stewart, Rep. Parkinson1:00 - Closing Lunch        Guest Speaker:  The Honorable Lincoln Davis

  17. Panel: "Framing our Values" Sat. 10am - 11:50am A discussion of how a Democratic message rooted in shared values   will connect with Tennessee voters.  Mike McWherter Eddie Yokely Sean Braisted  Mary Mancini David King Rep. Brenda Gilmore, Moderator Melvin Brewer Chris Sanders Rep. Karen Camper Judy Whitehill Felipe Zuvichaux

  18. Lunch with Mayor AC Warton Sat. 12:00pm - 1:00pm Mayor of Memphis

  19. Keynote: Winning Hearts & Minds Drew Westen Sat. 1:10pm - 2:45pm • Author of "The Political Brain"

  20. Gauging Our Values Sat. 2:55pm - 3:30pm • Co-directors of the Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions • Joshua Clinton is an Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at Vanderbilt University • John Greer has published 5 books and over 20 articles on presidential politics and elections Joshua Clinton John G. Greer

  21. Training: "Showing Our Values" Sat. 3:40pm - 4:50pm Learn from activists and Tennessee legislators how Democrats are using grassroots organizing, traditional media, and new media to communicate our values.  Justin Wilkins Mary Mancini Rep. Craig Fitzhugh Kevin Teets  Trace Sharp

  22. Living Our Values Sat. 5:00pm - 6:00pm Service Project (University Ball Room) Help make a difference in the community. Put together care pakages for local charities. Video Project (TN Board Room) Tell us on camera what shapes your values. "I am a proud Democrat because..." Messaging Project (University Ball Room) Enjoy an interactive presenatation from activists who are studying the science behind messaging.

  23. Dinner: Salute to Teachers Sponored by TEA-FCPE Tennessee Education Association Sat. 7:30pm Linda Chavez-Thompson Vice-Chair, DNC

  24. Please Join Us for the Prayer Breakfast Sun. 9:30am- 10:30am Rep. Johnny Shaw Sen. Roy Herron

  25. Panel: "Values Rising" Sun. 10:45am - 12:45pm A lively discussion about this year's legislative session and plans for 2012 with Democratic leaders throughout the state Sen. Lowe Finney Sen. Andy Berke Rep. Mike Stewart Rep. Antonio Parkinson

  26. Closing Lunch with the Honorable Lincoln Davis Sat. 1:10pm - 2:45pm