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Hardin County “Government Center” Proposal PowerPoint Presentation
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Hardin County “Government Center” Proposal

Hardin County “Government Center” Proposal

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Hardin County “Government Center” Proposal

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  1. Hardin County “Government Center”Proposal

  2. Purpose To Introduce Judge Berry’s Concept for New County Offices

  3. Key Factors Impacting theNeed for New Facilities • Limitations of existing facilities. • Constraints to remaining downtown. • Benefits of building in a new location. • Planning for growth in decades to come.

  4. Current facilities are old and outdated. Inefficient to operate—spread out in various buildings. Inadequate space in existing facilities. No room for expansion. Not cost effective to upgrade or re-build. Limitations and Constraints to Remaining Downtown • Costly to maintain/repair/operate old facilities: $60/70,000 annually in utilities $200,000+ annually in maintenance /repair/rent

  5. No feasible cost effective building site. Costly to acquire property/demolish buildings. Environmental and building site concerns. Restrictive historic preservation requirements. Inadequate dedicated parking for county employees and customers. Safety issues. Not convenient for traffic flow. Poor access for handicapped. Limitations and Constraints to Remaining Downtown (continued)

  6. Benefits of Building in New Location • Locate near population center—still in the historic county seat and the city limits of Elizabethtown—not moving to the “suburbs!” • Increase accessibility--improved road network. • Co-locate main county offices in one complex. • New facility provides better space management thereby reducing total space needs. • Less costly than downtown option.

  7. Benefits of Buildingin New Location?(continued) • No demolition costs/minimum site prep. • More cost effective than “add-ons” or renovations. • Reduces maintenance/repair/operational costs. • Opportunity to build to accommodate needs. • Provide room for future expansion for decades. • Accommodate technology expansions and improvements.

  8. Benefits of Buildingin New Location?(continued) • Opportunity to co-locate E-911 Center with county offices. • Improve parking availability. • Increased handicapped access. • Improved safety (no more “E’tona 500”). • County already controls land for building.

  9. Judge Berry’s Proposal • Utilize 7 acres of County/HMH owned land located on north side of Rineyville Rd just east of the new Emergency Services Center (east of Ring Road). • Build approximately 60,000 sq ft facility - 3 stories above ground plus walk-out basement. • Finish 50,000 sq ft of interior space (shell 10,000 sq ftfor future construction). • Provide 275/300 parking spaces. • Design facility for future expansion.

  10. Proposed Site’s Accessibility

  11. Proposed Site’s Accessibility

  12. Fiscal Court Chambers Judge/Executive’s Offices County Engineering Solid Waste Code Enforcement Property Maintenance Sheriff’s Offices County Clerk’s Offices E-911 Center Planning & Development County Attorney’s Offices Criminal Child Support Administration Tenant Organizations-No Cost PVA Drug Task Force Adolescent Services TRIAD Innovation Center CASA Proposed Occupants Possibilities

  13. Dollars and Cents • County Government reimburse Hardin Memorial 14Hospital for 7 acres of land fronting Rineyville Road, just east of Ring Road. County pays for land by remitting back to HMH $950,000 of the 2006/2007 Board Designated Funds. • Finance design and construction costs estimated at approximately $10/$12 M by: • Funding $2 M from Board Designated Reserves. • Bond/Borrow $8/$10 M @ 20 yr fixed rate. • Annual debt service approximately $600,000/$750,000.

  14. Making the Payments

  15. Myths

  16. New Taxes (Myth) • No new taxes proposed! • Repeatedly lowered taxes during this administration. • Lowest tax rates since 1990. • 3 of the last 5 years set tax rate below the “maximum rate” (compensating plus 4% growth). • First time this has happened in anyone’s memory.

  17. Examples of Past County Government Projects • The following did NOT result in a tax increase after “substantial” expenditures: • Detention Center (1995) $ 9.2 M • Landfill (1999) $15.4 M • Public Library (2001) $ 1.3 M • Restricted Custody Facility (2002) $ 1.5 M • Emergency Services Center (2005) $ 2.5 M

  18. Monuments (Myth) • Construction will NOT be: • “Award Winning” architecture • “Elaborate Temple” • “Monument to Ourselves” • History shows the OPPOSITE of “Monuments”: • Emergency Services Center • Road Department Expansion • Detention Center • HMH Care First Center (Vine Grove/Radcliff) • New Ring Road Medical Plaza

  19. Closing Radcliff Offices (Myth) The County Clerk’s satellite office in Radcliff is NOT being considered for closure!

  20. New County Offices will Impact Funding for County Growth Projects(Myth) • Major infrastructure improvements (new roads, water, sewer, etc.) are funded totally by State and Federal Funding. Local governments are not resourced to build these resources. • Constructing facilities (downtown or out of downtown E’town) will not adversely impact BRAC or Glendale development projects. • New centrally located county facilities will better servegrowing population due to BRAC!

  21. HMH Funds will be “Raided” to Construct New Facilities (Myth) • HMH funds will NOT be “raided” to pay for new facilities. • In fact, HMH will be compensated for the land it owns that will be used for new facilities. • County Government will pay for construction through bonding/borrowing. • Annual debt payment paid from existing revenuestreams.

  22. No Community Input (Myth) • Letters from E’town Mayor and City Council. • Input from other local officials. • Letters from E’town Heritage Council and meetings with Heritage Council Chair. • E’town Heritage Council rally (December 4). • Weekly open Fiscal Court meetings with presentations, discussions, and comments from citizens. • Extensive media coverage and Hardin County Educational and Community Television coverage. • Calls and letters from citizens. • Presentations to community organizations. • Community forums.

  23. Other Myths • County Government will abandon “old buildings” in downtown E’town. • The Justice Center will move from downtown. • County Government moving will cause lawyers to leave downtown. • County Government employees are a significant share of “downtown E’town patrons.”

  24. What Happens to County-Owned Property in Downtown E’town? • “Old Courthouse”: • Elizabethtown City Hall? • Hardin County History Museum? • Commonwealth Attorney’s Offices? • Leased to private enterprise for a “Magnet” business? • R.R. Thomas Building (County Clerk): • Sold to private development. • Demolish and rebuild to match historical surroundings. • Will NOT be held long-term by the county. • County will NOT maintain for free use by charity organizations.

  25. Government-Related Functions That Have Left Downtown • Jail • Hardin County Schools’ Administrative Offices • Public Library • County Ambulance Service • Post Office • E’town Tourism Bureau • Nolin RECC

  26. Who Should Take the Lead for Developing Downtown E’town? • Elizabethtown City Government. • Elizabethtown Heritage Council. • Private business enterprises. • County Government assist where possible as an “interested party/junior partner”—NOT the Lead Agent!

  27. What Type of “Destinations”? • Stagnate Destinations: • Government Offices • Jails • Landfills • Viable Economic Multiplier Destinations: • Magnet Enterprises • Restaurants • Specialty Shops • Cemeteries • Attorneys’ Offices • Tourist Attractions • Historic Attractions • Retail Businesses

  28. “Government has a responsibility to make things better” • Open up development opportunities downtown. • Maximize government access to the entire county. • Improve working conditions for county employees. • Provide good stewardship of county tax dollars: • Reduce facility operating costs • Improve investment in facilities • Efficiently build cost-effective facilities • Provide opportunities for future expansion.

  29. Summary • Misinformation has been spread! • NO new taxes being proposed! • Radcliff Clerk’s Office NOT being Closed! • NO elaborate construction! • HMH funds NOT being “raided”—in fact, HMH being reimbursed for land it owns!

  30. Summary(continued) • Why build where there is no room for expansion, growth, and ample parking? • Why build where it costs more to tear down old structures and prepare the site? • Why build on land with probable environmental and soil condition problems? • Why build where access is restricted, inconvenient, and not central to the county’s growing population?

  31. Objectives for New Facility • Vision and growth potential for future decades. • Safety. • Access: • Location—proximity to the majority of citizens • Road network—quick connection to all areas • Traffic flow—constrictions vs. ease of maneuver • Time/Convenience—travel, parking, and pedestrian • Dedicated parking (customers and employees). • Synergy of government office operations. • Efficient use of tax dollars: • Annual operational costs • Land cost • Site preparation cost • Construction

  32. Conclusion • Build new county offices on Rineyville Road near intersection with Ring Road. • Still in the “Historic County Seat” and city limits of Elizabethtown—not the “suburbs!” • Reimburse HMH for their 7 acres of land. • Build 60,000 sq ft facility on 4 levels. Designed for future expansion and ample convenient parking. • Funded with Board Designated Reserve and a 20 year loan/bond at fixed interest rate. • Annual debt service paid from existing revenue streams.

  33. Questions