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How To Choose Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment PowerPoint Presentation
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How To Choose Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

How To Choose Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

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How To Choose Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

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  1. How To Choose Commercial Floor Cleaning Equipment

  2. What type of floor cleaning machine do you really need? It is important to understand what type of cleaning equipment do you need. Several types of commercial floor cleaning machines are available across the US market. Recommending one for the use is often difficult. Several things including floor sweepers to floor buffers and polishers, vacuum cleaners and of course scrubber dryers are available. Going through the presentation will allow you to know about the different types of machines.

  3. Floor sweepers The most common alternatives to manual sweeping are the floor sweepers. However, these commercial floor cleaning machines can range from a small battery-powered model to a large industrial model. These can extract the clouds of dust and keep the floors clean. The rotating brushes of the sweeper effectively sweep the dirt from the floor. It is available in both the walk-behind and ride-on models.

  4. Floor scrubbers Another variety of cleaning equipment is floor scrubbers. These are some of the most sophisticated cleaning machines. Several of these machines scrub and dry floors but some of them also sweep the floor during the scrubbing. Generally, two work simultaneously happen in scrubbers. The brush cleans the floor and the residue is vacuumed into a collection tank. Like all floor cleaners, it also comes in different varieties.

  5. Scrubber Dryers If you are looking for an alternative to a mop and bucket, then a scrubber dryer is the apt option for you. However, these machines come with more sophisticated facilities. The floor remains left both clean and dry meaning the minimum of disruption to the business. it also comes in the variety of push behind and ride-on.

  6. Floor Buffers And Polishers Coming to use in various places, the best thing we can use is the floor buffers and polishers. These are the ideal solution for schools, shops, warehouses, and hospitals. Floor buffers are one of the most versatile commercial floor cleaning machines which can clean the dust and dirt along with polishing the floors. It can effectively clean floors including wood, marble, stone or lino, these machines can clean all.

  7. Vacuum Cleaners Another pretty common type of cleaning machine is the vacuum cleaners. One of the most cleaning machines which you can find in almost all the households and offices. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is suitable for all types of floors. Some of them can remove the wet patches and stubborn dirt also.

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