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Important SEO Concept For Travel Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Important SEO Concept For Travel Industry

Important SEO Concept For Travel Industry

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Important SEO Concept For Travel Industry

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  1. Important SEO Concept For Travel Industry

  2. SEO For Any Travel Website! In the past five years, results show that the internet was the medium of choice for 78% of holiday bookings. There is no secret. Its quite simple. Travel SEO for any website can be filtered in to two main elements: Content and Link-Building

  3. Content As A Feature Element! When we say content for a travle website it means to create unique content to target your audience on a regular basis.

  4. Link-Building As A Feature Element! On the other hand, link building is as we know getting other sites to link to your site. Backlink from relevant site can surely improve the traffic to your website which inture will lead to goals/conversions.

  5. How Can SEO Help Travel Websites? 1. Helps you to beat your online competiors. 2. Attracts more visitors to your website. 3. Make sure your travel website fetches you more conversions with minimal investment and maximum ROI. 4. Based on pattern of searches Google understands and shows the most relevant results to the visitors.

  6. Some Of The Key Features Of Travel SEO! 1. Journey of the user online: The customers are getting smarter and they entail quite a few key terms within their queries. This can be a optimum phase where SEO makes it possible to in acquiring your users 2. Sources from external sites with great reputation: Back-links from relevant and high authority sites can benefit your travel website, will put your site in goo terms with search engine. 3. Reviews & Snippets: Ask your customers or cliest to post feedback in your website. Positive reviews could benefit the Seo of a website and “rich-snippets” will give users a sense of why the content is being ranked

  7. What Insights Does Our eBook Provide? • Behavior of customers and searchers in the Travel industry. • Where the travelers are searching? • How the search results influence the purchase decision?

  8. PPT CREATED BY ClickMatix – Free Online Marketing Guide For Travel Business