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Best Content Marketing Tips for Blogs in 2018 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Content Marketing Tips for Blogs in 2018

Best Content Marketing Tips for Blogs in 2018

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Best Content Marketing Tips for Blogs in 2018

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  1. Best Content Marketing Tips for Blogs in 2018 I guess you have a business blog, but I have a concern. Are you happy with the way it works? This article will help you know why and how you can make your blog content a marketing magnet with few best content marketing Tips 2018. View more information visit: As Chris Brogan says blogs are your home base; I emphasize that your blog plays a big role in your content marketing system. Blogs fuel sales processes and search optimization. Therefore, they should be an integral part of your content marketing regardless the size of your organization. Reasons to use your blog as content marketing hub You own your blog. It offers you an opportunity to provide an always-on crisis management channel to air out your message. You don’t have to struggle to keep abreast of rules changes in the social media like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other platforms. Blogs are effective forms of social media. Blogs give basis for building targeted community through guest blogging, comments and social media sharing. Blogs are search optimization friendly. You can improve this feature by linking content keywords to internal and external content. Focusing each article on a specific keyword phrase also helps in improving a blog structure. Make your blog a marketing hub by following these 7 tips Build a strong blog foundation The best way to make your blog central part of your content marketing strategy is to build it on a strong foundation. Some of your initial decisions about your blog is, how to set it up. Ensure you use your own URL. Avoid using free hosting options such as WordPress or Blogger. Also, get technology resources for your blog support. Define your audience Get to know the interests of your audience before you begin writing. One of the best ways to know more about your prospective audience is using marketing personas. It is easier to write for someone you know well. Create your content marketing plan

  2. Try to include the following in your content marketing plan: 1.Clear promotional calendar. This you to create hook around which you can develop your content. 2. An outline of your content offerings. Decide what to major in. You can think of majoring in conference talks, Ebooks or any other niche. 3. An editorial calendar. Ensure all major content and content offerings are in one calendar. This makes the supervision task to be simple. Optimize your content Optimizing your content enhances its effectiveness. Ensure a close relationship between your content and your organization. Focusing each piece of content on a specific keyword is also a great way of optimizing your content. Develop your content promotion strategy Promoting your content enables to reach wide scope of audience. You may consider incorporating automatic blog content delivery as one of the strategies to use. Allocate resources to your blog Set aside all what your blog needs. Finances and your attention are some of the essentials to make your blog run well. Monitor content marketing results Capture all the details of your content marketing results. This way, you will be able to know what you need to improve in your content marketing. Blogs boosts sales. All you need to do is write blog posts on how to use your products. Show these blog posts to your prospective customers. This is what they need. Now, link such posts to your specific product pages. Definitely, this process will boost your sales.