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Clean to shine...

Clean to shine...

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Clean to shine...

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  1. CLEAN TO SHINE Quick Home Cleaning Tips

  2. INTRODUCTION In tackling home cleaning, it’s important that you make a proactive ★ ★ plan to keep your property in great condition! This presentation can help you with this important process by ★ ★ providing some quick tips for keeping your house clean!

  3. Simply Clean Dishes After You’ve Used Them If you clean your dishes directly after you’ve used them you’ll find they ❏ ❏ won’t pile up in the sink in the months ahead Taking just a few moments each day to clean your dishes can make all ❏ ❏ the difference in your kitchen space

  4. Use A Cleanser For The Bathtub One of the ideal solutions to stubborn dirt in the bathtub space is the ❏ ❏ use of a foaming cleaner The cleanser will lift the dirt from the bathtub surface, allowing you to ❏ ❏ simply wipe the area clean

  5. Regularly Wipe Down Kitchen Areas Areas in your kitchen such as the fridge spaces, the microwave and the ❏ ❏ stove should be wiped down regularly to minimize the potential for mess Clean Counter Space After Every Meal It is important that you’re proactive in cleaning the space after you’ve ❏ ❏ prepared the meal Simply taking two minutes to wipe down counters can make all the ❏ ❏ difference in your home

  6. Test Spots When Cleaning Walls If you don’t consider how the cleaning product might impact your ❏ ❏ walls, you may find that it stains the pain or strips the wallpaper from the wall Take the time to test out your cleaning products carefully before use ❏ ❏

  7. Use A Cleaning Cloth on the Baseboards Baseboard is another area that might not be considered when you’re ❏ ❏ cleaning the home Whether it’s the kitchen or the living room, the baseboards in the ❏ ❏ space can attract dust and dirt Take the time to remove dust with a microfiber cloth and then wash ❏ ❏ the boards down to remove any caked-on grease and dirt. Not only will the cleaning work help enhance the appeal of the space!

  8. Benefits of Renting a Rubbish Removal Bin Before you begin cleaning your home, you may wish to take the time to rent a rubbish bin that can be placed outside the property ready for the rubbish removal Let’s review of a few of the benefits that renting a rubbish removal bin can have for your home: 1.You’ll have a cleaning incentive You can have an incentive to clean the property. You can work with your family to remove those older pieces you’re no longer using and place them in the bin ready for pick up ★ ★

  9. 2.More space for larger products Renting a rubbish removal bin allows you to simplify the process. Most bins open at the side to allow you to simply place the piece into the container ready for the removal process ★ ★

  10. 3.You can rent for a week or more Rental companies now allow you to rent garbage bins for several weeks so that you have enough time to take on the task of removing the clutter day-by-day This means you can plan out the process and you can ensure that you’re removing items from your home in the most effective way!! ★ ★ ★ ★


  12. THANK YOU!!!