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Email Appending | Email Append | Email Appending Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Email Appending | Email Append | Email Appending Services

Email Appending | Email Append | Email Appending Services

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Email Appending | Email Append | Email Appending Services

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  1. Email Appending Services Email append is crucial as email marketing is so essential for the marketers. Be it B2B or B2C appending your email database once in a while is valuable.

  2. What is email appending? • Email appendingor e-appending is an online practice that involves adding a consumer’s email address to an existing customer record. The email address is obtained by matching these records from the marketer’s database against a third-party database to produce a corresponding email address. We also have Reverse Email Append! • It’s the exact opposite of email appending. Here, we check a customer base with email addresses against an external database for the first name, last name, phone number, and more required details. Don’t confuse it with email appending!

  3. Why do you need an email append service? • Here are some reasons to say that you need an email appending service • Raises the rate of your email campaigns • Reduces direct mailing costs • Broadens your bandwidth of potential customers • Enhances delivery rate • Generates more business from existing customers

  4. Opting for these services saves you time and effort of investing them into even more critical and crucial tasks/decisions for your organization. I recently come across such services at DataCaptive that yielded higher returns for me. If you are looking for any email append services, I highly recommend - Email Appending Service from DataCaptive.

  5. How are these services useful for B2B email appending? • Records say 73% of B2B marketers favor email marketing and consider it an essential tool for growing the business. B2B email appending boosts online revenues by broadening the range of target audience and generates more business from the existing customers by enhancing relationships.

  6. Want to know more? Contact our marketing experts now, or call Phone - 18005231387 Email -