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Alcatel Onetouch Antivirus

Alcatel Onetouch Antivirus. Antivirus. Antivirus software  is software used to prevent, detect and remove  malware, such as:  computer and Mobil phones viruses, adware, spyware ,  trojan  and worms. .

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Alcatel Onetouch Antivirus

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  1. Alcatel Onetouch Antivirus

  2. Antivirus Antivirus software is software used to prevent, detect and remove malware, such as: computer and Mobil phones viruses, adware, spyware, trojan  and worms.  Thinking about security on your smartphone Alcatel OneTouch? We have the solution. Among the applications on your smartphone, you will find yourself thinking on the need of security to prevent data and personal information from being stolen.

  3. Antivirus In this guide youwill findthefollowingtopics: • Howtoperform a scanfor virus • How to prepare to scan • Antivirus Tools • Antivirus Settings • RemoteManagement • HowtolocatemyDevice • Quick Reference Guide • Video Reference

  4. Howtoperform a scanfor virus Antivirus Turn ON your ALCATEL ONETOUCH Smartphone orunlockitslidingdown in thelockscreen

  5. How to prepare to scan Antivirus Enter to antivirus application, and accept the terms of service. Touch the screen to start the scan process, this will scan configurations, application and security parameters or you can hit on menu for more settings.

  6. Scanning. Antivirus After finishing the scan process, you will get a summary of the scanned items and parameters, then you will have options to fix the security errors encountered on the applications, media, settings and content.

  7. FixingSettings Antivirus You can always change the settings to increase the security of your smartphone.

  8. Antivirus If you press the menu button, you'll have more options, such as to configure tools and settings

  9. Antivirus Tools Antivirus In ALCATEL ONETOUCH antivirus use convenient tools that you can set on your Alcatel Onetouch smartphone. Tune-up : Monitor battery, storage and data traffic usage on your mobile device Monitor your data plan usage, as well as battery and app storage consumption, to help optimize the performance of your device resources App locker is an easy-to-use feature that enables usersto lock applications with passwords for non authorized access. App backup locker is an easy-to-use feature that enables users to make backup copy of your applications and restore it. File Scanner Scans for malware, spyware, viruses and removes them with a simple click. Protects your device while you’re using your favorite apps, helping you keep your contacts, bookmarks, text messages, music and videos safe. Task Killer is an easy-to-use feature that enables users to shut down apps to free-up RAM, thereby helping to prevent frustrating slowdowns and freezes.

  10. Antivirus Settings Antivirus Update the virus database Manage the update frequency for virus database Safe Web Surfing Actively checks web addresses in real time with ALCATEL ONETOUCH antivirus to help direct you away from a website deemed suspicious. This feature also protects you every time you enter a website address directly into your mobile device’s browser. Manage the frequency to automatically scan files. Additional settings to setup scan to SMS, real time scanner, safe Web surfing and language.

  11. Remote Management Anti-theft: Locate your mobile device, Locate and protect your phone if it gets lost or stolen. Antivirus You can personalize the message for lock screen with elements how name, address, or any text. You can setup options like the location service to use it in case of theft or lost of your smartphone. For this you must registered your smartphone to locate it on Google Maps. Set the location service to activate the function

  12. HowtolocatemyDevice Antivirus • Selectlocatetofindyourdevice, shouttotosoundthroughspeakers, locktolockthephone, wipetodeleteinformationstored in it. • Gotohttp://www.avgmobilation.com/login And loginwithyourgoogleacountlinkedtothephone.

  13. Quick Reference Guide Antivirus Enter to Antivirus Application and accept terms. Tap on the capsule to start scan process Scanning… Check the scan result Fix security settings

  14. Quick Reference Guide Antivirus Pressing menu key you will find more options You will find tools to use with your files and applications, task killer and others stuf You will find settings to get more security on your smartphone. You would setup your smartphone with remote management to find it if the smartphone are lost or stolen.

  15. Video Reference Antivirus TOOLS SCAN AND FIX

  16. Video Reference Antivirus SETTINGS REMOTE MANAGEMENT

  17. GetSupport? Antivirus • Feel free to contact our support center, calling our • support team or through ONETOUCH SUPPORT tool.

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