working with diaspora organisations and individuals the role of scotland zambia association n.
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Working with Diaspora organisations and individuals The role of Scotland-Zambia Association PowerPoint Presentation
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Working with Diaspora organisations and individuals The role of Scotland-Zambia Association

Working with Diaspora organisations and individuals The role of Scotland-Zambia Association

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Working with Diaspora organisations and individuals The role of Scotland-Zambia Association

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  1. Working with Diaspora organisations and individuals The role of Scotland-Zambia Association Eunice Sinyemu Chair of Scotland-Zambia Association (SCOZAA) since 2008 Work for HIV Scotland Co-ordinate two forums the African and minority Ethnic network on HIV African country Associations Health Forum on Health and HI Work on health policy- reviewing policy papers Network with local, national and international agencies and fora on HIV and sexual Health Engage with media targeting BME communities in Scotland - providing contributions to journals, newspaper articles and news .

  2. Scotland-Zambia Association (SCOZAA) An association of Zambians and friends of Zambia, living, studying, working in Scotland and beyond Formed in 2004- following Zambia’s 40th Independence Constituted association Has 9 committee members

  3. Objectives To initiate, build and sustain unity within the Zambian community in Scotland; To promote Scottish-Zambian cultural exchanges. Contribute and support Scottish organisations promote sustainable development in Zambia Work with other African communities in Scotland; Build and re-ignite the historical links and relationships between Scotland and Zambia. Fund raise for sustainability of the Association, when necessary donate to identified charities in Zambia-Lovechild charity for children with cerebral palsy Hold social events to minimise isolation

  4. Partnership working Lothian-Africa health links Background Formed in 2004- part of NHS Lothian’s commitment to international health, Partnership between Lothian and the Central Board of Health Zambia. Focus was to support the delivery of Antiretroviral therapy within Zambia. Included community Partnership Objectives: • Support health improvement and service development in Zambia on HIV/AIDS prevention and care • To facilitate the capacity of local organisations within Lothian HNS

  5. Partnership working: cont. SCOZAA’s role Representation on the Steering group Reference group Chaired the grant funding application from the Scottish government Through LAHL, SCOZAA has representation on Church of Scotland Waverley Care Impact AIDS Also strong links with LIWOMADI-Women’s project in Zambia- (funding from Scottish Government)

  6. Partnership working cont Penicuick for Africa Founded in 2005 PfA, is a small Scottish charity, aims to make poverty history in specific African communities supports projects in South Africa, Kenya and Zambia. Chitambo Hospital, Zambia is main project, Sent medical equipment and ambulance to the hospital Visits have been made to mark the centenary of Chitambo Request from local community Chiefs and the Serenje District Health Management Team (SDHMT) to re-open the hospital's midwifery school- closed in 1992 through lack of funding. Request line with current Zambian health policy to scale up midwifery training in rural areas.

  7. Penicuik for Africa SCOZAA’s role Reference group Advice on various issues Assist with funding raising Planning for future feasibility study- for re-opening of midwifery school in Chitambo Contributed to the discussion on grant application in which the abstract to be presented at the e-learning conference in Zambia is part of.

  8. Other partners Mthuzi and Lilanda Initiative (MALI) MALI co-ordinated by a Scottish journalist living in Argyll Started after visit to Zambia with Christian Aid to attend a major HIV/AIDS conference. Supports the education of youngsters orphaned by HIV and AIDS in the parish of Lilanda, one of Lusaka’s poorest SCOZAA made links in 2008 Again SCOZAA has been the reference group in a number of activities Currently liaising with other groups to facilitate an exchange visit during the Edinburgh Fringe festival SCOZAA also has also worked with with The Scottish Borders Africa Aids Groups supporting St Francis Hosp. in Katete South Leith Parrish Church- supporting Chipembi Secondary School Johnson and Johnson-school links

  9. The Zambian side Zambian partners include Isubilo Community Resource programme, Ndola St Francis Katete Hospital, Eastern Provence, Liwomadi Women’s HIV/AIDS group, Livingstone Hosted visitors including H.E KK The Former high Commissioner Students

  10. Benefits of partnership working with Diaspora Mutual learning Utilisation of skills and expertise of Zambians in the Diaspora Zambians in the Diaspora are stakeholders and therefore have vested interests and Common goals and shared ownership They are well placed not only to support but to make a practical contribution eg. in fund-raising Knowledge of culture and needs of the Zambian communities- local and in Zambia. Creating and promoting opportunities for Zambian nationals in Diaspora to contribute towards the development of Zambia

  11. Challenges Relatively new community in Scotland Mobile- students, working Organisations not very visible