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[PDF] Free Download The Outback Governess By Sarah Williams PowerPoint Presentation
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[PDF] Free Download The Outback Governess By Sarah Williams

[PDF] Free Download The Outback Governess By Sarah Williams

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[PDF] Free Download The Outback Governess By Sarah Williams

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  1. THE OUTBACK GOVERNESS Author: Sarah Williams Genre: Family Release: 2017-11-14 File Size: 610.46 KB

  2. Synopsis Family cattle station near Hughenden, seeks an experienced Teacher or Governess for our 3 grandchildren. The outgoing, energetic children are aged 9, 6 and 4. The six-year-old also has mild autism - high functioning but needs extra support and tutelage. Education is delivered via online lessons through School of the Air. You will need to be energetic, self-motivated and have the ability to remain calm in stressful situations. You will be a role model for the children. Someone who can challenge and inspire, as well as encourage their development of a lifelong love of learning. Great wage and conditions for the right person. When special-needs teacher Paige, takes up the position of Governess for three young children in the Queensland outback, she has no idea just how much and how quickly she would come to love the dusty, dry country, and the family who desperately need her. Logan was heartbroken when his wife died, leaving him to raise their three children with the help of his aging parents on their remote cattle station. To avoid the constant reminder of the love he lost, he works on a mine in Mt Isa, meaning he only sees his family week on, week off. But then tragedy strikes and Paige and Logan are forced to work together to look after the children, alone on the station. As well as being their teacher, Paige also becomes a substitute mother and teaches Logan how to be a parent again. A role he has avoided since losing his wife. Can Paige bring the family back together or have the wounds of the past cut too deep?

  3. In the tradition of Tricia Stringer and Pamela Cook, Sarah Williams weaves a story of love and loss and proves that family is always worth fighting for. If you enjoyed The Brothers of Brigadier Station you will enjoy learning about distance education and how thousands of rural children learn with the help of their parents and Governesses. "Sarah Williams captures the essence of the Australian Outback." Annie Seaton. What is a Governess? A person employed to teach children in a private household. In contrast to a nanny, he concentrates on teaching children instead of meeting their physical needs. Her charges are school aged rather than babies. What is distance education? School of the Air and Distance Education are two correspondence schools set up for children in remote and outback communities so they can access primary and secondary education. Traditionally these classes were conducted by radio, now the hour-long lessons are delivered over the internet. The teacher or Governess then spends the rest of the school day delivering the assigned materials. IF YOU WANT TO DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK CLICK LINK IN THE LAST PAGE