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Creative Writing PowerPoint Presentation
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Creative Writing

Creative Writing

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Creative Writing

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  1. S3 English Creative Writing

  2. Good Afternoon S3! • In today’s lesson, we will... • Briefly recap our work from the last lesson. • Learn how to create CHARACTER. • Practice creative writing.

  3. Character • Characters may be created in the following ways; 1) ACTION • A writer can show a character performing an action that is typical of him/her and gives us clues as to what the character is like. • For example..

  4. Character 2) SPEECH • Another way of indicating character is through speech, not only what is said, but HOW it is said. • For example...

  5. Character 3) DIRECT STATEMENT • It is possible to tell the reader openly what the character is like instead of showing. • However, it can be difficult to bring the character to life this way. • It is generally better to let the character’s words and actions speak for themselves and let the reader decide what the character is like. • SHOW, DON’T TELL!

  6. Character – show, don’t tell • In creative writing, it is important that you show the reader what the character is feeling instead of simply stating; “Claire is excited.” • For example...

  7. Character – show, don’t tell • Her eyes flew open and she leapt out of bed just before the alarm clock shrilled. Grinning, she flicked it off before skipping to the bathroom to prepare herself for the day ahead. She hummed tunelessly to herself as she selected a bright pink tee-shirt and her cheeks flushed in excitement as she remembered the new shoes she had bought yesterday. She slipped them on, admiring herself in the mirror before racing down the stairs. “Good morning darling!” she sang to her husband as he sat slumped over a newspaper. He raised bloodshot eyes and stared at her. “What’s so good about it?” he muttered.

  8. Character – show, don’t tell • By turning the blinds ever so slightly, Mrs. Parker could just peek through the window and see the Ford Explorer parked in the driveway. She squinted to get a better view of the tall, muscular man getting out of the vehicle and walking up to Mrs. Jones' front door. He rang the doorbell. When Mrs. Jones opened the door and welcomed the stranger into her home with a hug, Mrs. Parker gasped and ran to her phone."Charlotte, you are not going to believe what I just saw!" Mrs. Parker peeked out the window again to see if the man was still inside.

  9. Character • Task.. • Imagine your character is opening a birthday present. Write a short paragraph showing how your character is • Excited • Bored • Angry • Tired

  10. The Ending • What kind of ending? • 1) The status quo Everything is back to how it was at the start. • 2) Harmony is restored but things have changed Things are not quite the same, something has been realised. • 3) The open ending There is more to come which is left to the reader’s imagination.

  11. The Ending • Examples • 1) They all went back to Grandma’s house to have cake and celebrate. • 2) Red Riding Hood decided never to walk alone in the forest again. • 3) As Little Red Riding Hood walked back to her house, a pair of yellow eyes filled with hatred watched from behind a tree.