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Thesis Statement

Thesis Statement

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Thesis Statement

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  1. Thesis Statement The summary sentence that supports your opinions and ideas The LAST sentence in the introduction paragraph

  2. Why should your essay contain a Thesis Statement? • To put your main ideas into one summary sentence • To better organize and develop the opinion/argument of your essay • To provide your reader with a “guide” to your argument

  3. How to Generate a Thesis Statement • The Thesis should answer a single question that will give the main idea of your essay. • Your first step is to understand the specific question. • The answer to the question is the thesis statement for the essay.

  4. 1) It describes your topic, what your essay will be about. 2) It introduces a specific claim you are making about  your topic. 3) It describes three ways in which you will support and develop your claim Subject +Claim+ Three Points of Support

  5. Example Let's look at this example: "Going back to college was a complex process that involved researching a school, applying for admission, and enrolling in classes.“ Can you find thethree different componentsin this thesis statement? 

  6. Let's look at them this way: "Going back to collegewas a complex process that involved researching a school, applying for admission, and enrolling in classes.“ subject or topic claim three points of support

  7. How to Tell a Strong Thesis Sentence from a Weak One • A strong thesis takes some sort of stand. (gives your opinion) • A strong thesis expresses a main idea and is specific.

  8. HINT • Many clear and engaging thesis statements contain words like “because”, “since”, “so”, “although”, “unless”, and “however”.

  9. Forming a Thesis • Read the question. • Figure out your opinion. • Brainstorm to find 3 reasons to support your opinion. • Form the thesis statement that answers your question by restating the question. • The three reasons should also be included in the thesis.

  10. Example • Should cell phones be allowed in school? On your paper brainstorm 3 reasons why cell phones should or should not be allowed at school. Write your thesis statement Allowing limited cell phone use in school can help many students during the day by quickly writing down assignments, keeping them in contact with their parents and providing quick research between periods.

  11. Cell phones should be allowed in school because REASON 1, REASON 2, REASON 3

  12. Homework • Why is a good education crucial for being successful in life? • Should schools keep detentions or eliminate them? • Should high schools serve soda to students at lunch? • Should teachers give homework? • Should schools change to year round school?