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Office of Purchasing and Contracts

Office of Purchasing and Contracts. Procurement Outreach Training Level I Introductory Information. Research Foundation.

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Office of Purchasing and Contracts

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  1. Office of Purchasing and Contracts Procurement Outreach Training Level I Introductory Information

  2. Research Foundation • The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (RF) provides SUNY faculty, students and staff with the support and flexibility necessary to enable them to focus on research and other sponsored programs funded by federal and state governments, private sector companies and nonprofit foundations. • RF operations managers at 30 campuses appointed by the RF board of directors (based on the recommendation of the respective campus president) are responsible for the day-to-day administration of sponsored programs including the support of financial, human resource, procurement and reporting activities at each campus. • The RF, which is accountable to the organizations that fund sponsored programs, adheres strictly to sponsor guidelines and government regulations.

  3. Level I – Basic Overview • Procurement Thresholds • On-line Ordering Systems • Purchase Requisitions • Advance Training Topics • Level II • Level III • Laws, Regulations and Guidelines • Workers’ Compensation • Disability Insurance • Preferred Sources • MWBE • Threshold Driven

  4. RF Procurement Levels The Research Foundation has established the following dollar thresholds policy for procurements: • $0.01 - $20,000.00: Certification by PA as to reasonableness of price • $20,000.01 - $50,000: Minimum of 3 verbal or written quotes. • $50,000.01 and $100,000: Minimum of 3 written bids, quotes or proposals • $100,0001.01 and above: Minimum of 3 sealed written bids or proposals. THE PURCHASING STAFF RESERVES THE RIGHT TO SEEK COMPETITION AT ANY LEVEL.

  5. RF Funded Purchases <$20K • Requires certification by the Purchasing Associate of reasonableness of price. • Discretion and reasonableness of price factors • Market price • Compare the cost that we are quoted against that of Universities of similar size and nature • Prevailing wage • New York State - Office General Services contract • SUNY contract

  6. Research Foundation Requirement Thresholds * Three formal quotes are not required until $20,000 but they are preferred at all levels.

  7. Purchase Requisition • Required Information: • Ship to Address • Requisitioner • Phone Number • PTAEO Information • Date Required • Description of Items and Quantity • Substitution of Vendor • Authorized Signatory (Printed) • Authorized Signature Purchase Requisitions and instructions can be found at: http://www.albany.edu/purchasing/purchase_requisition_research_funded.html

  8. RF Procurement Review: Grant Allowability • All RF requisitions are reviewed for the following: • Award term dates • Term close out/reporting requirements; purchases must be made within a period that allows sufficient time for receipt and invoicing of the purchase, so that the final report can be made to the Sponsor in the pre-defined period of time. • Spending down of an account balance is not permitted. • Allowability • Purchases are reviewed to ensure that they meet the sponsor guidelines for allowable expenditures and for campus policy guidelines as well. • Property Title • Property Ownership and equipment definitions are established prior to an award being established; purchases are screened for compliance with these guidelines.

  9. Laws, Regulations and Guidelines • Research funded purchasing is subject to many sponsor guidelines, federal regulations and state laws. The laws, regulations and guidelines, which will be discussed in Level II, include: • ARRA Awards • Export Controls • Federal Debarment and Suspension • Ethics Law • Executive Orders • Export Controls • OMB Circulars A-21, A-110, and A-133

  10. Liability, Disability and Workers Compensation Insurance • Procurement regulations require evidence of various forms of insurance by vendors at the time a contract is entered into.  The Research Foundation for the State University of New York, The State of New York, and the State University of New York must be listed as additional insured on all procurements.  The nature of the procurement will dictate the type and minimum level of insurance that is required. Please see our insurance tab for specific limits. • Please contact the Office of Purchasing and Contracts for additional information.

  11. Minority and Women-Owned BusinessEnterprises (M/WBEs) • The University at Albany encourages purchasing from M/WBE’s. • Office of Management and Budget Circular A-110 calls for positive efforts in utilizing M/WBEs. • New York State listing of certified M/WBEs can be found at: http://www.nylovesmwbe.ny.gov/cf/search.cfm

  12. Information on Preferred Sources • It is the policy of the University to utilize preferred sources whenever possible. A Preferred Source is a designated vendor who, in an effort to advance certain social and economic goals, has received special provider status under New York State statute. • New York State currently designates the following as Preferred Sources: • NYS Correctional Services (Corcraft): www.corcraft.org • Industries for the Blind: https://www.ibnys.org The University offers an online ordering option. To register, please go to: http://www.albany.edu/purchasing/research_funded/online_ordering_registration_rf.html • Industries for the Disabled: www.nysid.org • Office of Mental Health: http://www.omh.state.ny.us/omhweb/BuyOMH/

  13. On-line Ordering RF Funding The Office of Purchasing & Contracts has established direct-to-vendor desktop on-line ordering systems for the following products: • Office Supplies • Industrial Supplies • Letterhead, Business Card, & Envelopes • Lab Supplies On-Line Registration Web-link: http://www.albany.edu/purchasing/research_funded/online_ordering_registration_rf.html

  14. Quotes as Part of the Submittal • Available quotes should be submitted with the requisition. • Purchasing Associate reviews and verifies all submitted quotes, and may request an updated quote if older than 30 days. • Quotes should be in written format (faxes or e-mail) depending on threshold requirements. Verbal quotes are acceptable in select circumstances. • Written quotes must be submitted with the requisition and become a part of the permanent procurement record. • Verbal quotes can be documented directly on the requisition in the Supplier information boxes.

  15. Submittal of Purchase Requisitions - Research • FAX :(518) 437-4571 • Internal Mail:Purchasing& Contracts,MSC302 • Hand Deliver: Management Services Center - Room 302 • Mailing Address: University at Albany, Office of Purchasing & Contracts, 1400 Washington Avenue, Management Services Center – Room 302, Albany, NY 12222 MSC302

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