what are the attractions of different holidays n.
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What are the attractions of different holidays? PowerPoint Presentation
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What are the attractions of different holidays?

What are the attractions of different holidays?

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What are the attractions of different holidays?

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  1. What are the attractions of different holidays? LO: I understand that Holiday destinations offer a variety of physical and human attractions. I can identify the Different types of holiday.

  2. Tourism’s demand and supply modelPush and pull Demand Disposable income Leisure time Push Need for a break Travel agent Supply Package holidays Infrastructure Pull Holiday attractions Transport communication

  3. The attractions of a holiday can be split into Human and Physical Question1: Make a list of human and physical attractions of holidays

  4. Weaker answers involved candidates talking about different types of holiday (adventure, package etc.) Identification of physical factors tended to be clearer and better than that of human factors.

  5. Types of holiday… Package holiday: a holiday in which travel and accommodation are put together by a tour operator and sold as a relatively cheap package Mass tourism: The large scale mass movement of tourists to popular destinations, often promoted through package holidays.

  6. ` 2. Give some examples of destinations for Package holidays 3. What is the appeal of package holidays to some people?

  7. Alterative tourism Adventure holidays: Bungee jumping, snorkeling, backpacking Wildlife holidays: bird-watching, whale-watching, safari Educational holidays: learning to cook, pottery, wine tasting Community or conservation holidays: in which tourists give their time to help in particular projects

  8. Example question

  9. Which type of holiday is best for you? Think about the types of holidays we have learnt about today…… 4. Which attractions would be most important for you. Give a reason for your answer. 5. Which are not important for you? Reasons? 6. Which categories did you last holiday fall into?