english ii honors january 15 th n.
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  1. ENGLISH II HONORSJANUARY 15th Turn in dialectical journals in on my desk; turn in Underlining vs. Italics worksheet in on the stool. Warm-up, review the three adjectives that you and an elbow-partner came up with for each character (in Part A). Then, choose ONE adjective that you think represents this character best. Write each one down and explain why you chose this adjective. As you do this, I’ll stamp your Part A

  2. REMINDERS • Root Words test= WEDNESDAY of next week. • Homework: Backside of worksheet. • Tomorrow: meet in the library. • Next Tuesday, turn in D.J.s to (first two for those who hand-wrote) • If any two people want volunteer hours after school (raise hands now so I can gage interest…), first (two) come, first (two) served!

  3. NECTAR IN A SIEVE PRESENTATIONS For the novel, Nectar in a Sieve, YOU will be the teacher!!!  • For the next three days, we will be going to the library (in groups of 4-5) to create PowerPoint presentations with which your group will present one of the three major thematic topics. • From within the theme group that you are standing in, choose your group (4 minimum; 5 members maximum).

  4. NECTAR IN A SIEVE PRESENTATIONS Research presentation information: • Your group must contain 4-5 members. • Presentations must be done via PowerPoint. • We’ll conduct library research over the next few days. • Every member of your group must research and/or work at the library or your group will loose participation points for inefficiency.

  5. NECTAR IN A SIEVE PRESENTATIONS Research presentation information: • PowerPoints must be done and either sent to my e-mail or dropped in my drop box by Monday night. • Save PowerPoint with your group members’ first names. • If e-mailing at home, text me for confirmation Friday. • 15% will be dropped from grade if your presentation is not ready on Monday. • On Monday (presentation day), provide me with a printed handout of your PowerPoint.

  6. RESEARCH PRESENTATION Research presentation guidelines: • Your group presentation must be 8-10 minutes long. • Your presentation must contain 7-10 slides. • Include a WORKS CITED slide at the end with the book listed, as well as properly cited research (if you used research) • Visit “The Owl at Purdue” website for assistance on how to use MLA guidelines for your Works Cited slide.

  7. RESEARCH PRESENTATION Research presentation guidelines: • Here are the slides that you must have: • Introduction slide with the names of each group member and the thematic topic that you have focused on. • A slide that has a theme statement based on the theme topic that you covered (i.e. state the message that you believe the author wanted you to get from the book) • A slide that lists some events (summarized, not quoted) that pointed towards the theme statement that you chose. • Three slides with quotes from the book that you feel demonstrate your theme statement. • An explanatory slide after each quote slide. • Any other information that you feel should be included to prove your theme.

  8. PRESENTATION Nectar is a Sieve presentation guidelines: • Good presentations will not only include informative, accurate, detailed information, but will also be visually appealing. Make sure to… • Include pictures, or visual clips in roughly half of your slides • Not include too much information in any slide • Make your information clearly readable for your audience

  9. PRESENTATION Nectar in a Sieve presentation guidelines: Good presentations will also attempt to engage your audience; try to find a way to engage your audience (calling upon people, offering candy for participation, etc.)

  10. RESEARCH PRESENTATION ADD THIS INFO. TO YOUR PAPER: • Good presenters will also… • Stand straight, make eye contact, speak loudly/clearly, dress professionally, not sit at any time. • PRESENT information rather than read information off of slides (if you are afraid when speaking in front of others, make flashcards so you don’t forget). • Bullet point your main points and DISCUSS them. Don’t let them discuss for you (the PowerPoint is not the presenter!)

  11. RESEARCH PRESENTATION Research presentation rubric: • You will be graded on the following: • Clarity of theme presentation • Following the guidelines • Preparedness • Professionalism • Presentation of information (not READING slides, but presenting information so that it’s easy to understand) • Visual appeal of PowerPoint • Subject knowledge (group may be subject to questioning) Note: PowerPoints will not be graded without properly cited information.

  12. NECTAR IN A SIEVE PRESENTATIONS • With an elbow partner, answer two of the following: • The Question of Identity: • What two women become prostitutes in the novel and why? Are they to be scorned by the readers for their decision? Why? • Why does Rukmani go to see Kenny for fertility treatments when she had already had one daughter (Ira)? What does this say about the culture? • Traditional vs. Modern life: • What would you say is Rukmani tone towards the tannery? Why? • How are we to judge Rukmani’s sons’ career decisions? Why? • Eastern vs. Western Culture: • What do Kenny and Rukmani seem to disagree on the most based on their conversations throughout the novel? • What are the differences between familial expectations in each culture? How are we to judge these differences?