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Wrecks of the World II Presentation, the Economic Impact Presented by: PowerPoint Presentation
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Wrecks of the World II Presentation, the Economic Impact Presented by:

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Wrecks of the World II Presentation, the Economic Impact Presented by:

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Wrecks of the World II Presentation, the Economic Impact Presented by:

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  1. Wrecks of the World II Presentation, the Economic Impact Presented by: Avalon Mayor Martin L. Pagliughi Avalon Public Information Officer Scott Wahl

  2. Cape May County, New Jersey is one of the smallest counties in the state Estimated population: 93,000 year-’round residents Ocean coastline: 30 miles from Ocean City south through Avalon, to Cape May Point Economy: Seasonal tourism economy, unemployment high during the winter Industry: Tourism. No other major industry exists in this county Homes: 49% of all second homes in New Jersey exist in Cape May County Infrastructure: One major highway, no commercial airports, limited public transportation, one community college.. However..this county is big business in New Jersey….

  3. New Jersey Tourism Facts: -Tourism in 2010 generated $5.27 billion, including nearly $3 billion in accommodations, $1.06 billion in food, and $841 million in retail sales in Cape May County alone. -$35.5 billion was generated in tourism revenue in New Jersey in 2010. -If tourism in New Jersey did not exist, EVERY state household would pay an additional $1,367 in taxes. So let’s ask the question: Why do people vacation in New Jersey?

  4. And…why does 54 percent of America’s population live within 50 miles of a coastline? The answer is simple: People visit, vacation, and live along our nation’s ocean fronts because the United States offers CLEAN, SPACIOUS, AND ENVIRONMENTALLY-FRIENDLY shorelines. Our clean shorelines provide an economic engine for local, county, state and federal governments

  5. The United States must address this significant potential underwater threat. If the environmental domino falls, the economic domino will also fall causing catastrophic financial problems during a period of national economic recovery. Here are some compelling facts regarding the economic tourism in the United States that BEGINS with an environmentally sound coast: FACT: The travel and tourism industry in the United States is our country’s LARGEST employer and foreign revenue earner. FACT: Foreign travelers in the United States spend over $100 billion annually, most of which goes to the federal government. 85% of all tourism revenue comes from the coastline. FACT: The clean coastlines of the United States generates more than $320 billion annually, creates 69,000,000 jobs and results in $3,400,000,000 in wages earned. FACT: More than twice as many people visit America’s coastline than our state and national parks. Combined.

  6. Can our nation’s economy suffer if the integrity of our coastline is compromised by man-made environmental issues? The answer: YES Is there proof that a coastline that is not clean results in irreparable economic damages……? Let’s take a look at specific examples….

  7. We only need to look less than a year ago to find economic damage from a spoiled coastline. Alabama coastline, 2010 oil spill disaster Potential loss of $3.3 billion due to the Gulf Oil Spill Quote: “There’s a lot of money that has dropped out of the economy”, Bob Higgins, Economic Development Alliance Quote: “In Gulf Shores, you could give away a room and people wouldn’t come”, Steve Reich of Leisure Link. Louisiana coastline, 2010 oil spill disaster 25% of the state’s $2.4 billion seafood harvesting industry was lost due to oil in the waters, and along the coastline. Quote: “This spill could generate a $4.3 billion economic hit in tourism and fisheries”, Nathaniel Karp, Economist, BBVA Bank

  8. The Borough of Avalon supports a proactive approach to cleaning up oil and other materials seeping out of sunken shipwrecks. This situation not only threatens the environment, but the fragile economy directly connected to our shores. Every single job along the coastline…from white collar professionals to blue collar laborers to lifeguards, bartenders, waiters, and countless other jobs along the coastline…they are all dependant on one single issue: Our coastline is clean, our environment is protected, our beaches are open to the public.

  9. Thank you for the opportunity to speak on this very important issue. For further information, please contact Avalon Mayor Martin L. Pagliughi at (609) 967-8333 Or