the power of the alaska brand at retail n.
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The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail PowerPoint Presentation
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The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail

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The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail. Fall 2011. The Power of the Alaska Brand. 80% of consumers would be more likely to purchase seafood if they saw the Alaska Seafood logo where they shop That ’ s the power of merchandising the Alaska Brand It ’ s easy to merchandise – and it ’ s FREE

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The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail

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    1. The Power of the Alaska Brand at Retail Fall 2011

    2. The Power of the Alaska Brand • 80% of consumers would be more likely to purchase seafood if they saw the Alaska Seafood logo where they shop • That’s the power of merchandising the Alaska Brand • It’s easy to merchandise – and it’s FREE • So empower your seafood case to generate increased sales! • We’ll show you how…

    3. Power Support from ASMI • ASMI has developed FREE point-of-sale materials to empower your seafood case: • New case dividers • Posters • Static cling • Recipe cards/leaflets for many Alaska species • On-pack leaflet • Alaska scenery theme used throughout • It’s what people think of when they see or hear “Alaska” • Instant emotional connection • Conveys purity, natural, wild, sustainable

    4. Merchandising Materials • 14”x6” Seafood Case Divider – double sided – combine two to make a 28”x6” divider Quickly identifies your Alaska seafood species Makes the case stand out and merchandises Alaska in a fresh, new way

    5. Merchandising Materials • 22”x28” Poster(fits theater/iron man stands) • 5”x5” Static Cling

    6. Merchandising Materials • Recipe Box: Holds 3”x5” and 5”x5” Recipe Cards/Leaflets

    7. Merchandising Materials • 1.5”x2” (when folded) On-Pack

    8. Merchandising Materials • 22”x28” Posters:

    9. Merchandising Materials • Species-Specific Posters/In-Ice Signs/Recipe Cards (a sample):

    10. Merchandising Materials • 2”x3.5” Pocket Guide

    11. It Pays To Train • 68%of consumers surveyed said they get information about seafood from the seafood person at the store. • Your counter staff needs to be trained effectively • Alaska Seafood U is the perfect training tool: • Interactive, on-line training program broken into modules: • Alaska seafood species, harvesting seasons and fishing methods, fisheries management , seafood nutrition • Alaska Seafood U has also been ported to disc • Alaska Seafood Species Quick Reference Guide – the companion piece to Alaska Seafood U – designed to fit in your pocket for fast facts

    12. Industry Leading Training Tools • Is your counter staff trained to handle consumer questions about Alaska seafood? Make sure they enroll – and graduate – from Alaska Seafood U! Your Alaska Seafood sales depend on it.

    13. How to Power Up • • View & order point-of-sale materials by species • Alaska Seafood U training program • COOK IT FROZEN! program to support frozen Alaska seafood products • Consumer research • Email Mark Jones to place an order for POS or training tools •

    14. Consumer Advertising • Online Banner Advertising in your key markets; consumers click through to a landing page on YOUR website!

    15. Research Proves the Power of the Alaska Brand

    16. The majority of consumers suggest branding has a positive impact on their likelihood to purchase Alaska fish or seafood. Use of the word “Alaska” in displays increases the likelihood to purchase of 72% consumers (30% a lot; 42% somewhat). Using the Alaska Seafood logo is even more motivating with 37% who say they would be a lot more likely to purchase and 43% somewhat more likely. Impact of Branding on Likelihood to Purchase Alaska Fish/Seafood (Base = Total Responding; n=801) **

    17. The majority of consumers agree use of the Alaska Seafood logo in displays conveys positive messages about the retailer – the store has high quality seafood, the store cares about the quality of the seafood it sells, the store supports sustainable fisheries. Also implied is the store’s recommendation of Alaska fish/seafood. Attitudes Toward Store Displaying Alaska Seafood Logo (Base = Total Responding; n=801)

    18. Seafood Usage and Attitudes The majority of consumers feel it is at least somewhat important to know the origin of the fish/seafood they buy and that it is environmentally sustainable. One-third of consumers feel both are very important. Importance of Factors When Selecting Seafood to Prepare at Home – Aided – (Base = Total Responding; n=801)

    19. Over two-thirds of consumers say they get information about seafood from the seafood person at the store. Far fewer mention any other sources, including the internet, and printed material at the seafood counter. Sources of Information About Seafood Purchased (Base = Total Responding)

    20. Alaska Salmon is the overwhelming top choice among consumers – no other salmon type is even close. Salmon Type Preferred – Aided – (Base = Total Responding)

    21. The majority of consumers say their consumption of fresh seafood at home has either increased compared to two years ago or remains unchanged, with just under half mentioning each. Very few say they are eating less fresh seafood. Change in Consumption – Fresh Seafood (Base = Total Responding)

    22. Research Summary • The majority of consumers consumption of seafood increased or remained even • Consumers eating more seafood are doing so as part of a healthier diet as well as for specific health benefits • The majority of consumers rely on seafood counter staff as the main source of seafood information • When they select fish or seafood to prepare at home, consumers say they want to know where it came from, and want to be assured of its sustainability. In addition, consumers buying seafood want to know it is wild • Of the several varieties of salmon tested, consumers are most familiar with and have the strongest preference for Alaska Salmon • Branding with either the Alaska Seafood logo or the name “Alaska” are strong influencers of purchase behavior and create positive impressions of retailers who merchandise this way • Impact: Alaska Brand is Powerful. And presents an incredible sales opportunity. Merchandise Alaska seafood and train staff today – email Mark Jones at for more information