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Unit 1

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Unit 1

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  1. Unit 1

  2. Campus

  3. Things to do • Discussion on the topic • Video clip • Play with words • Text

  4. Discussion on the topic • What do you expect your college life to be? Is that the same as in the movie?

  5. Synopsis 电影概要 • Elle Woods is a beautiful blonde1majoring in fashion merchandising at University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA). Because of her lovely personality and excellence in studies, she is elected the president of her sorority called Delta Nu and voted homecoming queen of the year. What's more, she has a very smart and handsome boyfriend named Warner Huntington, a famous senator's son.But Warner breaks up with her, because he wants to get serious about his future since he's going to Harvard Law School to be a lawyer. • Elle hits upon a good idea that Warner will come back to her if she can enter the same law school and show him her talent. Thus she begins to inquire about the procedure and prepare her LSAT exam (Law School Admission Test). After a period of intensive hard work, she passes the exam and is admitted into Harvard Law School.

  6. Video Clip The part we’re going to see is about Elle’s first day on campus Click the picture

  7. Scene 1 registration • Elle: Hi. Woods, comma, Elle. Class schedule(课程表), map, book list. Wait a second. My social events calendar(日程本) is missing. • student: Your what? • Elle: Social know, mixers(聚会), formals(正式场合), clambakes(烧烤), trips to the Cape(旅游). • Elle: Has Warner Huntington III checked in(报到) yet? • student: Maybe you should check with the cruise director(巡逻主任)on the Lido deck(游泳池甲板).

  8. Scene 2Self-Introduction at Harvard Law School • teacher: Welcome to law school. This is the part where we go around in a circle and everyone says a little bit about themselves. Let's start with you. • David: My name is David Kidney. I have a masters in Russian literature, a Ph. D in biochemistry (生物化学) and for the last eighteen months I‘ve been deworming orphans in Somalia (给索马里的孤儿打虫子). • teacher: Awesome. What about you?

  9. Enid: Hey. How you doin'? I'm Enid Wexler. I got a Ph.D. From Berkeley in women's studies emphasis in the history of combat and last year, I single-handedly organized the march for Lesbians Against Drunk Driving. (本人一手组织了反对酒后驾车同性恋游行。) • Teacher: Killer.(精彩极了。) • Enid: Thanks. Good times.

  10. Aaron: Aaron Mitchell. I graduated first in my class from Princeton. I have an I.Q. Of 187 and it‘s been suggested that Stephen Hawking stole his Brief History of Time from my fourth grade paper (有人说他的《时间简史》是偷了我四年级的论文。). • Teacher: Cool. • (Stephen Hawking蒂芬·霍金(1942- ),英国理论物理学家,被称为在世的最伟大的科学家,当今的爱因斯坦。他在统一20世纪物理学的两大基础理论—爱因斯坦的相对论和普朗克的量子论方面走出了重要一步。著有《时间简史》(1988)等 )

  11. Elle: Me? • - Yeah. • Elle: Hi. I‘m Elle Woods and this is Bruiser Woods and we’re both Gemini vegetarians (双子座素食者). I have a bachelor's degree in fashion merchandising from CULA, and I was a Zeta Lambda Nu sweetheart, president of my sorority Delta Nu(大学女生联谊会的主席), and last year, I was homecoming queen (返校节舞会皇后). • ①Delta Nu是美国高中、大学里一种专属女生参加的社团,即sorority(姊妹会)。男生同类组织则称为fraternity(兄弟会)。Sorority和fraternity都是以二个或三个希腊字母作为名称。 • ②Zeta Lambda Nu希腊数字6,11,4,哈佛的一个男生联谊会

  12. Two weeks ago I saw Cameron Diaz at Fred Segal(高档商厦)and I talked her out of buying this truly heinous angora sweater(难看的安哥拉山羊毛衫). Whoever said orange was the new pink was seriously disturbed. • Cameron Diaz:卡梅隆·迪亚兹, 美国女影星。主演过《我最好 朋友的婚礼》、《我为玛丽狂》、 《霹雳天使》等影片。

  13. Scene 3 with Warner – ex-boyfriend • Warner: Elle? • Elle: Warner? I totally forgot you got here. • Warner: What are you talking about? I'm sorry. Are you here to see me? • Elle: No, silly. I go here. • Warner: You go where? • Elle: Harvard. Law school. • Warner: You got into Harvard Law?

  14. Elle: What, like it's hard? … • Time to go. I have to go to class, but meet me after on the benches. • All right, bye!

  15. Scene 5 first class • teacher: A legal education means you will learn to speak in a new language. You will be taught to achieve insight into the world around you and to sharply question what you know. • The seat you have picked will be yours for the next nine months of your life. And those of you in the front row beware.

  16. Text AGreat Ways to Take Care of Yourself

  17. Play with Words

  18. automatically adv. Printable Page 自动地

  19. ATM is short for Automatic Teller Machine

  20. 果核, 核心 core n.

  21. confusion n. 混乱

  22. caring adj. 有同情心的

  23. 有能力的 competent adj.

  24. considerate adj. 考虑周到的

  25. What makes a good friend? A good friend is caring, considerate and reliable.

  26. frustration n. 挫败, 挫折

  27. jeopardy n. 危险

  28. mess up 弄脏;弄糟

  29. tip n. 建议,小贴士

  30. recommended adj. 被推荐的

  31. worthwhile adj. 值得做的;值得出力的

  32. Test A Possibly, you have dreamt of a joyful life, a good job, a happy family and a caring partner. These may so far away from you. But have you ever realized that you can count on①yourself to make the right and worthwhile things become a part of you life? Actually, just as you want others to be supportive of② you, you’ve got to want to take care of yourself as well. Here are ten tips re- commended③ as among the most important.

  33. Test A 1.Take good care of your body. Don’t take risks that could put your safety and health in jeopardy ①. 2. Take good care of you mental health. Take care of your self-esteem; believe that the image you hold of yourself is more important than what others think of you.②Treat yourself with respect, as you are your own best friend.

  34. Test A 3. Think about what you want out of your life. Don’t think that your life just happens to you, and that you have no control over anything in it. Why waste your life? Why act like you are powerless to do anything for yourself? ① 4. Accept that a certain amount of confusion and frustration is common to everyone at all ages. And try to seek help when you need before it’s too late.

  35. Test A 5. Set worthy goals and strive to achieve them. Make choices in line with①values you know to be good and right, those you can be proud of. ② 6. Find out who you are and what makes you improve. Learn about your personality, your talents and what makes you happy.

  36. Test A 7. Practice your faith. Faith is the core of your being. It’s only natural you’ll mess up. When this happen, admit it, apologize and forgive yourself. Then let go and move on. 8. Learn all you can, and about all that you can. That’s the best way to help you grow for a whole life. Read broadly and contact great minds ①. Keep being open-minded.

  37. Test A 9. Talk to your friends about how things are going for you. Sharing things with others can help you sort things out①and make you feel better about yourself. 10. Be respectful, considerate and friendly to others. Accept differences. We are doing the best we can with what we have. We are all learning as we go. No one has the “only way”.

  38. Test A These suggestions are insightful. Following all this advice, you may not automatically become a caring, happy, competent and successful person, but you will surely be on the right road to your expectations. Click here to go to Text B

  39. vocabulary count on 依靠, 指望 e.g. You can count on my help. 你可以依赖我的帮助。 同义短语 rely on; depend on ☞

  40. vocabulary supportiveadj. 支持的;给予帮助和支持的 e.g. She has been very supportive during my illness.  我患病期间她帮了我很大忙。 be supportive of=support (v.) ☞

  41. vocabulary recommendv 推荐;劝告;建议 ①推荐 e.g. 你能介绍一本好词典吗? Can you recommend a good dictionary? ②劝告 e.g. I recommend you to wait. 我劝你等一等。

  42. vocabulary ③建议 (宾语从句中要用虚拟 语气,用法同advise, suggest) e.g. I recommend that you (should) take a long vacation. 我建议你去休一个长假。 ☞

  43. vocabulary jeopardyn.危险 短语:in jeopardy在危险中 ① put sb. in jeopardy ② be in jeopardy of one's life 生命处于危险 同义词:danger, risk 反义词:safety

  44. vocabulary 他愚蠢的言词和行为可能毁了他 一生的前程。 His foolish remark and behaviour may put his whole future in jeopardy. ☞

  45. vocabulary in line with 符合,与… 一致e.g. ①That isn‘t in line with my ideas at all. 那跟我的想法完全不一致。

  46. vocabulary ②他的政治见解跟我的完全一致。 His ideas on politics are exactly in line with mine. 同义短语:in accord with ☞

  47. vocabulary great minds在这里代指great people ☞

  48. vocabulary sort out分类,整理;解决,处理 e.g. ① We must sort out the good apples from the bad. 我们得把好苹果拣出来,同坏的分开。 ②This room needs sorting out. 这房间需要收拾一下。

  49. vocabulary sort out the men from the boys: 证明谁真正勇敢、有才能等 ③ Climbing that mountain will certainly sort out the men from the boys. 爬爬那座山就知道谁行谁不行了。 ☞

  50. sentences believe that the image you hold of yourself is more important than what others think of you. 句子结构分析:that 引导的宾语从句的句子 主干是image is more important than what… 包含一个定语从句和一个宾语从句: “you hold of yourself”是image 的定语从句, “what others think of you”做介词than的宾语。