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Important Tips For Furnace Repair PowerPoint Presentation
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Important Tips For Furnace Repair

Important Tips For Furnace Repair

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Important Tips For Furnace Repair

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  1. Important Tips For Furnace Repair If you hear abnormal noises or the heating system has shut down, you may be in need of a furnace repair.

  2. Confirm your thermostat is set to “heat” • If your furnace has collapsed or is not heating properly, maybe it`s not a problem with the furnace. It could be a thermostat issue.  • Check the settings if they`re on HEAT mode and not on the COOL mode.  • Clean the outside and insides of the thermostat by opening the thermostat panel to remove any dust and dirt. • HEAT MODE • COOL MODE

  3. Change your furnace Air Filter • If your furnace is creating problems, one of the most probable causes is that the furnace filters have gotten clogged. • You should swap out your home’s air filters around every three months to help your system run more efficiently and prolong any furnace repair work. 

  4. Make sure the gas valve is open • Something as simple as a closed gas valve can stop your whole heating system.  •  The combustion gases enter the furnace from the gas valve.  • So if it`s closed, no gases will enter and the furnace won`t light up. If it`s closed, turn it back on and your furnace should be good to go.

  5. Inspect the Air Ducts • You know it that air-ducts are the culprits when only certain parts of your house are not heating up. •  Air ducts distribute the hot air throughout the house and carry to each room from one location i.e. your furnace.  • So if certain parts of your house are not heating up, check the air-ducts’ handles and make sure they`re parallel to the air-duct. 

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