car wash shampoo in india n.
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Car Wash Shampoo in India PowerPoint Presentation
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Car Wash Shampoo in India

Car Wash Shampoo in India

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Car Wash Shampoo in India

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  1. Car Wash Shampoo in India Car wash is a very important job for one who owns a car. Car washes are mandatory as they help keep the car clean and attractive after days or weeks of driving and acquiring dirt on its body. Car wash centers are spread across the world and are present in every city. These are automated facilities that help clean the vehicle from exterior or outside. The interior of the vehicles are washed manually. These services can be performed by the owner too or termed as elf service or can ask for the help from staffs. Car washing services are also performed voluntarily in mot o the European countries as a method to raise funds. With the present day scenario of modern day car wash facilities, it is hard to believe that the industry was not so high-tech from the beginning. The development of car wash facility was begun in 1948 in the United States which made it semi-automatic and after that and after that industry kept on growing and becoming more sophisticated. The first ever car-wash was performed in the United States in 1914 in the car wash facilities. The first ever semi-automatic car wash facility was opened in Detroit by using automated pulley systems. The car washing is a tough job and is performed in various steps 1. The interior is cleaned by brushing and vacuum cleaning. 2. The mud depositions are also present on wheel o they need to be cleaned thoroughly. 3. Tire dressing is performed. 4. The exterior is washed thoroughly 5. Polish wheels 6. The exterior paint are waxed

  2. All of these jobs are performed by automated systems nowadays. It is recommended by many experts to perform the task of car wash at regular interval. The interval decrease with the increase of the car’s use. The washing of car is also dependent upon one’s geographical location. If one is living near the sea or ocean then the need for car wash increases as the salt in the air sets on the body of the vehicle and can corrode and cause rust. Off road driving also exerts a great pressure on the car so it is better to perform car wash more frequently to prevent the jamming of gears and keeping the tracts clean too. Car wash shampoo is easily available in the market. Car wash shampoos are also available in online sites. The price of such shampoos is very reasonable and they help remove the dirt and stains from the car’s body. These shampoos are manufactured by the top companies and are absolutely safe. These do not cause any damage to the car body but only helps to clean it and remain as attractive as new. Car wash shampoos in India are also abundant in the market. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing these shampoos and are competing in the market so as to prove which shampoo is the best. The price of the shampoos is not too much high and is within the reach of any common man.