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5 Ways can prevent roof leak

Check it out 5 Major reasons of roof leak that must be taken care of after installing and maintaining roof. For any query or free roof inspection in Plano Texas area call concord roofing & construction we are here to help you fix your roof leaks. https://concordroofingtx.com/5-ways-can-prevent-roof-leaks/

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5 Ways can prevent roof leak

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  1. 5 WAYS CAN PREVENT ROOF LEAK At some point, whether you like it or not, you’ll have to deal with a leaking roof in your home. Identifying a potential problem before it causes damage will not only save you money but also possible heartache if any of your precious belongings are damaged. Leaky Roof Hotspots Your chimney may have a crack. Or your skylights may have water trapped behind them. Your plumbing vents may have cracked with age. Or pesky critters might even chew through pipes or roof flashing. The Edge of Glory A drip edge is the lower edge of the roof that extends beyond the fascia board. The purpose of the edge is for water to run off into the gutters keeping everything on the inside dry. Always check this area when you’re looking for leaks. Keep it well maintained throughout the year, Attic Antics Keep on the lookout for patches of mold and algae stains. Have a look at your ventilation, is it sufficient? Or are your rooms overheated or damp? These are signs that moisture is collecting in your attic space, or even in other rooms around your home.Your ventilation fans may also be clogged up with spider webs, paint, insulation or just dust. Check all these areas. In the Gutter Gutters and pipes are a common source of leakage in many homes, If you’re sure your gutter is installed correctly and well maintained, the problem may be that the gutter is full of unwanted debris. When it comes to anything that’s so high up, it’s generally best to leave it to the professionals. 5 Step to Step Step flashing is used where the roof hits the wall. While you’re inspecting your house for possible leak areas, you must always check the step flashing. If they are becoming rusty, they need to be replaced quickly. roofrepaircompany:concordroofingtx.com

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