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Expert Tips to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors PowerPoint Presentation
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Expert Tips to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors

Expert Tips to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors

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Expert Tips to Clean and Maintain Epoxy Floors

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  2. Did you know? Epoxy flooring is considered one of the strongest floor coatings available. For that reason, it’s used on garage floors, high traffic areas and on basement floors.

  3. Tip 1: Use a hand broom with bristle brushes or soft bristle brush attachments to remove dirt from day-to-day use. Avoid using aggressive nylon pads or stiff bristle brushes as these may scratch the surface of the epoxy floor.

  4. Tip 2: In case of a chemical spill, neutralize the spill immediately and clean it up as early as possible. If the spill is not dealt in the right way, the chemical concentration, chemical combinations, temperature and duration of time that an epoxy floor is exposed to harmful chemical substances may affect the floor appearance and performance.

  5. Tip 3: Remove the hazy film on epoxy floor coatings left by the winter road “pre-treatment” compounds with hot water and a deck brush. Tip 4: Do not use any cleaner that contains acids or soap-based cleaners. Doing so can leave a residue on epoxy flooring that can affect the shine of the floor.

  6. Tip 5: For heavy cleaning of a soiled epoxy floor, sweep away any loose debris and then mop floor with a hard foam mop, hot water and clear ammonia. Tip 6: A thin coat of waxes and sealers can be used on a finished epoxy floor to provide a high luster to the floor.

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