how to setup amazon echo dot n.
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Echo Dot Setup With Alexa App PowerPoint Presentation
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Echo Dot Setup With Alexa App

Echo Dot Setup With Alexa App

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Echo Dot Setup With Alexa App

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  1. HOW TO SETUP AMAZON ECHO DOT? You should know your Wifi password and make sure to enter it correctly. Your Wifi password is case sensitive and might not same as of your Amazon account password. To stream through Alexa, Your Wifi network connection should have at least 512 Kbps i.e. 0.5 Mbps of speed.

  2. SOME STEPS TO KNOW HOW TO SETUP AMAZON ECHO DOT  If the light ring on your Echo device is orange, This means a Wifi network connection is not working /established as expected. You can go to settings and Select Wifi to check with which network you are connected or you can search for a new Wifi network and CONNECT ECHO DOT TO WIFI.

  3.  1. Open Alexa App on your phone and choose language.  2. Choose your Echo device. For e.g Echo Dot.  3. Select Wifi network, Enter password & click on 'connect' button.  The ECHO DOT SETUP is done and the Alexa App is now Connected with your Echo DOT device. Now you use it & assign commands to Alexa and Alexa will respond according to your commands to perform tasks.

  4. HOW TO CONNECT ECHO DOT TO WIFI?  To connect an Echo Dot device to a Wifi Network, First we need to download Alexa app to build a network connection with Echo Dot. Now, open the Alexa app and allow all the permissions required by Alexa app.Select your device Echo dot in Alexa app. Search for wifi network select your network enter its password and click on the "connect" button to connect Echo dot to the Wifi network. Light ring on Echo dot from orange it turns to blue when connection is established.

  5. SETUP ALEXA DOT  For setting up your Alexa with an Echo Dot device, Place the device at central location avoiding walls/vents.  Download the Alexa app on your smartphone and follow on screen coming instructions to connect it to the Wifi network.

  6. SETTING UP ALEXA ECHO SHOW  To set up your echo show device, first download Alexa app on your mobile/ tablet. follow on screen instruction in Alexa app and search for wifi Netwrok and select your network enter password and then click on connect button and your Alexa is now connected with wifi.