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How to download Alexa app for Amazon Echo Dot setup? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to download Alexa app for Amazon Echo Dot setup?

How to download Alexa app for Amazon Echo Dot setup?

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How to download Alexa app for Amazon Echo Dot setup?

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  2. DESCRIPTION:  Designed by Amazon, the Echo dot is a smart device that is a part of the Echo family. You can control the device and other connected devices with just your voice. The news can be read out loud to you, the weather status can be updated, music can be changed from your playlist, alarms can be set and a lot other activities can be performed using this device. You can also have audio books read out loud to you through this device. It only gets better with its feature to control your smart home as well. If you happen to have other smart devices around your house or workplace, you can now connect your echo dot to them and control them through this device. Imagine shutting your garage doors, turning on and off your lights and more by just using your voice to instruct. Echo dot could almost be your personal assistant or help, with all these excellent features in built into it. The Echo dot device is a sound sensitive and hands-free device and can catch your voice through other sounds and noises as well. You can thus control this device from across the hall or from the neighboring room as well. Here is a step by step guide on Amazon Echo Dot Setup with Alexa app:

  3. 1. DOWNLOAD ALEXA APP FOR ECHO DOT SETUP.  This app can be found in the app-store on your smart phone and can be downloaded for free. In order to use this app, you are required to create an amazon account and sign in. Any of the following software is a must to have in order to pair your device with the Alexa app:  Fire OS 3.0 or higher  Android 4.4 or higher  IOS 8.0 or higher  If you have trouble downloading the app on your phone, you can even download it from the browser on your computer. Contact the Amazon Echo helpline if you happen to have further issues with this step.


  5. 2. TURN ON THE DEVICE.  Place the Echo dot device in the center of your room with ample amount of space surrounding it. There should be a minimum of 20 cm distance from any other object, wall or window. Also, ensure that there is a switchboard nearby, as the device needs to be plugged in at all times. Keep the device plugged into the power adapter as well as the power outlet throughout. Turn on the device, the blue light will turn orange and Alexa will then greet you


  7. CONNECT WIFI TO ECHO DOT SET-UP  The device will now provide you with clear instructions on how to connect your echo dot device to wi-fi. The instructions are very easy to understand and follow. If you are still unable to Connect Wifi to Echo Dot Setup, contact our helpline number for further guidance.


  9. TALK TO ALEXA.  Your echo dot set up is now over and it is time for you to start using it. The device responds to the name of “Alexa” by default and this can be changed at any time through the settings section of your app. You can only choose from the given choices of options in the settings section, as of now.

  10. CONNECT ECHO DOT TO AN EXTERNAL SPEAKER  This is an optional step. Although the echo dot has an inbuilt speaker, you can connect the device to an external speaker as well. This is a good option only if your external speaker is more powerful than the inbuilt now. You can connect the device to an external speaker using the Bluetooth option or audio cables.


  12.  Make your work and life easier by getting your hands on this device. Super easy to use and handle, this smart device is a multi-tasking device which is a must have for all of you with a tight packed schedule. The inbuilt reminder feature is an add on to its credentials. Note: If you have any trouble during the set-up process of even after setting up your echo dot, you can contact the troubleshooting team or helpline for further support.